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Which of the 11 objects is the biggest?
Fun online physics learning game.

"Length Comparison" is a free online knowledge level game to sort the objects by their correct dimension distance value in meters. Minute to win it game. Physics learning game, suitable for online classes and interactive lessons. Fun physics educational game to explore and study the orders of length magnitude with pictures. Part of the Interactive Physics Workshop educational tools. Online physics educational game. To understand the metric system of measurements of mass used in this game, play the Units of Length Game. Free online game for physics homework.

This physics class game include the following objects to compare:
  • Diameter range of the atomic nucleus - 1.75 to 15 femtometres (fm).
  • Radius of helium atom - 31 picometres (pm).
  • Length of a DNA turn - 3.4 nanometres (nm).
  • Typical diameter of spider silk - 4 micrometres (m).
  • Length of an average flea - 1.5 millimetres (mm).
  • Approximate width of a wedding ring - 2 centimetres (cm).
  • Average length of a rapier - 9 decimetres (dm).
  • Length of a London bus - 8.38 metres (m).
  • Length of the longest blue whale - 3.3 decametres (dam).
  • Length of the Stadium at Olympia - 2.1 hectometres (hm).
  • Diameter of the Moon - 3474 kilometre (km).
Length Comparison Picture

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How to play Length Comparison.

There are 11 round pictures of objectas with different width, which will appear randomly on the game screen. Drag and drop them in the correct slots according to their approximate length value, situated at the bottom of the screen. Sort all 11 objects correctly to win the game.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know the length of at least 3 things and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

Length Comparison Game

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Class subject: Length Comparison.

Length is a dimensional value which is defined by the distance of two points A and B. In geometric measurements, length is the most extended dimension of an object, or the width of an object. Similar values are height and depth. According to internet in 2018, the longest thing in the world is the Son Doong Caves. Acoording to us, the longest thing in the Universe is the Universe istelf :) And the shortest thing should be the length of the Neutrino.

This interactive lesson may answer the following questions:
  • Which is longer?
  • What is the length of a DNA turn?
  • What is the longest thing in the World?
  • What is the basic formula for length?
  • What is simple length formula?
  • What is the length of a rapier?
  • What is the shortest thing?
atomic nucleus png
Lithium atom png
DNA turn png
wedding ring png
rapier png
whale png
stadium png
moon png

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