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Or you can download the game and play offline.

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8 fastest cars for 2018 in a fun
online physics game.

"Fastest Cars" is a free online knowledge level game to sort the cars by their highest speed in 2018. Minute to win it game. Physics learning game, suitable for online classes and interactive lessons. Fun physics educational game to compare cars speed of popular automobiles in 201. Part of the Interactive Physics Workshop educational tools. Online physics game.

This fun physics class game include the following cars:
  • Hennessey Venom F5: 301 mph / 484 km/h
  • Bugatti Chiron: 261 mph / 420 km/h
  • Aston Martin Valkyrie: 250 mph / 402 km/h
  • McLaren F1: 240 mph / 386 km/h
  • Ferrari SF70H: 233 mph / 375 km/h
  • Ford Mustang: 157 mph / 253 km/h
  • Toyota Yaris: 143 mph / 230 km/h
  • DeLorean DMC-12: 110 mph / 177 km/h
Fastest Cars Picture

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How to play Fastest Cars Game.

There are 8 cars situated at the top of the screen. Drag and drop them in the correct window at the bottom of the speed column. Sort all 8 cars correctly to win the game.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know 3 of the fastest cars in 2018 and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

Fastest Cars Game

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Class subject: Fastest cars.

This comparison of fastest cars include production car speed record and exclude thruster cars, which are designed to test maximum land speed. The land speed record of 763 mph (1227 km/h) is achieved by the ThrustSSC vehicle on 15 Oct 1997. This list also include polular cars from movies to make it more fun.

Hennessey Venom F5 png
Bugatti Chiron png
Aston Martin Valkyrie png
McLaren F1 png
Ferrari SF70H png
Ford Mustang png
Toyota Yaris png
DeLorean DMC-12 png

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