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Einstein's Riddle Game Intelligence Test 4 Towers of Hanoi Game Sudoku Game Sokoban Game
Einstein's Riddle
Sort the famous puzzle with easy visual board.
Logic Tiles
The fourth part
of Logic Figures
IQ Tests.
Hanoi Tower
Sort the disks on another stick in
same order.
Fill in all the empty squares without
using same number.
Select letters
from the alphabet to guess the word.
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Einstein's Riddle
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Fun online logic riddles to practice thinking.

The logic riddle games are small online games, up to 1 MB, which include boards and help desks to solve riddles and quizzes. Fun logic educational games and tests for solving logical tasks, suitable for online learning and interactive classes. Riddle solving boards. Fun Logic Riddles Collection.

All logic riddles (5):

  • Einstein's Riddle - Solve the famous zebra puzzle using the visual board.
  • Logic Tiles - Place the correct tile. Logic Figures 4.
  • Sokoban - Cover all the orange holders (X) by moving the boxes over them.
  • Towers of Hanoi - Sort the disks on another stick in same order. Move the rings to other side.
  • Sudoku - Fill in all the empty squares without using the same number twice.
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Logic Riddles

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