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Logic Tpics Tree Game Intelligence Test 3 Intelligence Test 2 Rubik's Cube Tangram Game
Logic Tree
Arrange the topics
of logic on tree of knowledge.
Logic Forms
The third part
of Logic Figures
IQ Tests.
Logic Shapes
The second part
of Logic Figures
IQ Tests.
Rotate the sides of the cube and match the colors.
A puzzle consisting
of seven flat shapes, called tans.
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Chess Pieces Puzzle Game Tetris Game Sudoku Game    
Chess Pieces
Sort the chess
figures on the
correct diagram.
Fit the falling
figures in suitable locations.
Fill in all the empty squares without
using same number.
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Fun logic puzzles and logic knowledge.

The logic puzzles are small online games, up to 1 MB, which include drag and drop games about interesting logic knowledge. Fun logic puzzles suitable for online learning and interactive classes. Sort the logic. Fun Logic Puzzles Collection.

All logic puzzles (6):

  • Logic Tree - Sort the logic properties on the tree of knowledge.
  • Logic Shapes - Select the correct shape. Logic Figures 2.
  • Logic Forms - Identify the correct form. Logic Figures 3.
  • Rubik's Cube - Sort the Rubik's Cube online. Rotate the sides of the cube and match the colors.
  • Tangram - Logic puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans.
  • Chess Pieces Puzzle - Sort the chess pieces on the correct diagram of allowed movements.
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Logic Types Puzzle
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Logic Puzzles

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