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Online test over 9 grade Computer Technology curriculum.

"9 IT Curriculum Test" is a free online knowledge level test for finishing Information Technology 9 grade course. The online test include 18 fun questions with integrated evaluation system from 9 grade IT curriculum: supercomputers, cloud technologies, GPS systems, computer systems, networks, copyrights, computer protection, ecommerce and more. It is part of the Interactive Computer Tools educational games. Computers learning test, suitable for online classes and interactive lessons. Free online test.

This IT class test include the following questions and answers:
  • 1. Where are supercomputers used?
    - Sports
    - Education
    - Spacecraft Aerodynamics

  • 2. What common problem have most supercomputers?
    - Heat Management
    - Speed
    - Operationg System

  • 3. Which is the most powerful supercomputer for 2018?
    - China NUDT Tianh
    - US IBM Summit
    - Japan Fujitsu K

  • 4. Which of the following is a GPS segment?
    - Air segment
    - Space segment
    - Ground segment

  • 5. Which of the following is a part of the control segment?
    - GPS satellite
    - Correction station
    - Mobile GPS application

  • 6. What is the correct RAM memory size?
    - 4 Mhz
    - 4 FLOPS
    - 4 GB

  • 7. What is the correct HDD space size?
    - 2 FLOPS
    - 2 Mhz
    - 2 TB

  • 8. What does LAN mean?
    - Leocal Area News
    - Leading American Network
    - Local Area Network

  • 9. What does WAN mean?
    - World Area Network
    - Wide Area Network
    - World Area News

  • 10. What is true for a small local network?
    - Not more than 10 computers
    - Every computer must have internet
    - 3 computers connected with a switch

  • 11. To share a document with a friend:
    - Make the document private in cloud
    - Make the document public in clud
    - Unplug the network cables

  • 12. Select the true statement:
    - Every software is free
    - Copyright software can not be redistributed
    - Freeware software can not be redistributed

  • 13. Which of the folowing is a malware?
    - Worm
    - Butterfly
    - Beatle

  • 14. Which is not a malicious software?
    - Ransomware
    - Spyware
    - Flash game

  • 15. Which of the following is an antivirus program?
    - Google Chrome
    - Photoshop CS
    - Nod 32

  • 16. What is the best online game developing program?
    - Flash
    - Java
    - HTML

  • 17. To recieve online payment you need:
    - To be 18 years old
    - To be 16 years old
    - To be good at computers

  • 18. Which of the folowing is a browser?
    - Vivaldi
    - Beethoven
    - Bach
9 IT Curriculum Test

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How to solve 9 IT Curriculum Test.

Read carefully the question and select one of three answers at the bottom of the screen. The selected answer is the framed one. The school mark begins to count from bottom, so do not panic when you see a poor mark.

Knowledge Achievements:
Achieve basic IT 9 grade and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

9 IT Curriculum Test Screenshot

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Class Subject: IT 9 Grade Curriculum.

Although most countries have different curriculums, according to their educational system, some of the topics are naturaly learned till 9 grade everywhere. Here is how a typical Information Technology Curriculum for 9 grade looks like in European Union countries for 2018:

1 Instruction
2 Entry level
3 Supercomputers. Future of computer systems
4 Grid and Cloud Technologies
5 Global Positioning Systems
6 Computer Systems
7 Local computer networks
8 Global Computer Networks
9 Basic communication devices and communication environments
10 Wireless LAN Connection and Configuration of a Small Network
11 Local Area Network Sharing resources
12 Protecting information in a network environment
13 Protection of personal data
14 Information and services for citizens on the Internet
15 E-Commerce
16 Payments Electronic payments
17 Computer networks and services
18 Templates and themes in a text document
19 Using the Templates and Topics (Exercise)
20 Sort by a few characters in a spreadsheet (ET).
21 Filtering data in a spreadsheet
22 Calculator Techniques
23 Validating data in spreadsheets
24 Sort, filter, and validate data in a spreadsheet
25 Creating a circular
26 Creating a circular Exercise
27 Forms
28 Creating a form
29 Preparation of reports
30 Data aggregation in a spreadsheet
31 Application Programming
32 Application Programs
33-35 Work on a project
36 Baseline

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