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My Wife and My Mother-in-Law optical illusion puzzle Mind Wheels optical illusion puzzle Escher's Impossible Waterfall optical illusion puzzle Hidden Faces optical illusion puzzle 3D Street Art optical illusion puzzle
Optical illusion
Sort the puzzle and find two women in
the picture.
Moving illusion
Mind blowing image
which makes
Impossible illusion
There is a process, which brak physical laws.
Hidden Faces
Paintings in which there is a hidden
3D Street Art
Street drawings, which makes a fantasy worlds.
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Upside Down Optical Illusion 11 Faces Watching Optical Illusion 12 Coffee Faces Optical Illusion Lentil Coins Optical Illusion  
Upside Down
Drink a beer to
meet new faces
in the bar.
Forest Watch
Find 11 hidden
faces in the
Coffee Faces
Identify 12 hidden faces among the coffee beans.
Lentil Coins
Search for 15 hidden coins among the
lentil beans.
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Online Optical Illusions Collection.

Optical Illusion class games are small online applications, up to 1 MB, which include some famous drawings of impossible figures, hidden object paintings and mind messing images by different authors. Images are under square rotating puzzle system, which means that the player will need to work hard to reveal the picture and know what to search in it. These games may be used for testing and recreation. Also completing every optical illusion game the knowledge level is increased. Fun Optical Illusion Puzzles Collection.

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Mother and Daughter Puzzle
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Optical Illusion Puzzles

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