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Shepherd's Purse Puzzle Nettle Puzzle Aloe Puzzle Calendula Puzzle Primula Cowslip
Shepherd's Purse
Online picture puzzle of Capsella bursa-pastoris herb.
Mosaic puzzle with picture of stinking nettle herb.
A puzzle with picture of wholesome aloe plant.
Free mosaic puzzle with a wild orange flower.
Puzzle game with Primula veris yellow flower.
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nature games
Malva Puzzle      
Mosaic puzzle with
a Purple wild Malva flower.
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Know the Nature - Herb Puzzles.

This collection includes online nature learning puzzles with remarkable photos of herbs and spices. The Herb Puzzles are square rotating mosaics with interesting pictures of a wild and garden herbs. Like all natural puzzels, they are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which may be played online in a web browser, or downloaded from the herbs game page. Another colorful free online games collection. With this fun puzzles, we also acquire new knowledge, therefore completing the game will also reward +1 Knowledge Level. Fun Herb Puzzles Collection.

All herb puzzles (6):

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Malva Puzzle
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Herb Puzzles

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