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Planet 51 Puzzle Big Hero 6 Puzzle Frozen 2013 Tangled 2010 WALL-E Puzzle
Planet 51

A human is landing on another planet...
Big Hero 6

The funniest robot friend for kids.

Another cool ani-mation by Disney.

The funniest story about Rapunzel.

A sidposal robot finds a plant.
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Shrek Puzzle How To Train Your Dragon Puzzle The Incredibles Puzzle ┼nchanted Puzzle Oppenheimer Puzzle
Shrek 2001
Shrek is a good
ogre tired to be
a monster.
How To Train
Your Dragon

The friendship with dragons.
The Incredibles

The super heroes save the world.
┼nchanted 2007
Exciting romantic story combines animation screen.
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Interactive Film Previews.

This collection includes fun screen puzzles from exciting animation films. Fun Film Review Collection.

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Tangled puzzle
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