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Traditional Foods Puzzle Simple Bean Soup Cooking Recipe Sandwich Puzzle Food Types Tree Play World Sugar Production Online
Traditional Foods
Sort traditional cuisine fast foods by country.
Bean Soup
Prepare a bean soup by selecting the ingredients.
Sandwich Puzzle
Select 2 ingredients and make 5 different sandwiches.
Foods Tree
What to eat today. Fun game with cooking topics.
Sugar Hunt
Explore the regions, that produce the most sugar beet.
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English Words for Foods Spanish Words for Foods Math Foods Game Quince Puzzle Crop Pests Pic
English Foods
Fun learning game with 49 english
words of foods.
Spanish Foods
Learning game with 49 spanish
words of foods.
Math Foods
Fun algebraic systems with pictures of foods.
Quince Puzzle
Free puzzle with a picture of a heavy quince on a tree.
The Garden
Find 10 harmul insects in the
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Online Food Games Collection.

This collection includes all cooking learning games to explore and study food types, food names, food regions and food preparations.

All food games (12):

  • Traditional Foods Puzzle - Sort traditional cuisine fast foods by country.
  • Bean Soup - Interactive recipe to prepare a bean soup in 7 steps.
  • Tarator Soup - Interactive recipe to prepare a tarator cold soup in 7 steps.
  • Food Types Tree - Sort 18 types of foods, meals and deserts on the tree of knowledge.
  • Sandwich Puzzle - Select two ingredients and make five different sandwiches.
  • Salad Puzzle - Sort the correct ingredients of 5 different salads.
  • English Foods - Point and click the correct foods in English.
  • Spanish Words for Foods - Point and click the correct food in Spanish.
  • Math Foods - What is the sum of the foods in the last line of the algebraic system equation?
  • Sugar Crop Map - Find the regions, that produce the most sugar beet in 2016.
  • Quince Puzzle - 5x8 pieces puzzle with a nice riped quince.
  • The Garden - Shake the plants to find 10 hidden insects in the garden.
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Fun Traditional Foods Puzzle
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Food Games

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