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The Tallest Buildings History of Bridges Ancient Empires Rome and Egypt Taj Mahal Puzzle Pyramid Types Puzzle
Tallest Buildings
Interactive comparison of the highest buildings.
History of Bridges
Place the bridges in the correct place on the timeline.
Ancient Empires
Sort the artifacts and architecture of Rome and Egypt.
Taj Mahal Puzzle
Fun online puzzle
with Taj Mahal
world wonder.
Pyramid Types
Find the differences of 8 pyramid types of builders culture.
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Statue Restorer Ancient Pyramids Puzzle Ancient Empires 2 Celts and Inca Great Pyramid of Giza Puzzle Stonehenge Puzzle
Statues Restorer
Sort the pieces of
7 different
Ancient Pyramids
Place the pyramids
at their appropriate names.
Ancient Empires 2
Divide the artifacts and architecture of Celts and Inca
Great Pyramid
Online puzzle
of The Great
Pyramid of Giza.
40 pieces square rotating puzzle with a world wonder.
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Online Architecture Art Games Collection.

This collection includes small fun games to identify, complete or compare memorable architectures, that are examples of great art. Fun Architecture Art Games Collection.

All art architecture games (11):

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The Tallest Buildings
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Architecture Art Games

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