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EGS Master Titles.
The Titles are rewarding pictures for every won GameMorph game. In 2014 the rewarding system is redesigned in Knowledge Levels and the titles are obsolete and available for review. Clicking on a title will leed you to the corresponding game. Some of the games are our first tests in the game design and we keep tehem just for the historical record and fun.

Electronic Game School Master Titles. Pictures for won games.

  bones small   Title: Bone Master  
Game to win: Bone Puzzle
Status: Available
  sol small   Title: Sol Master 1  
Game to win: Sol Puzzle
Status: Available
  europe small   Title: Europe Master  
Game to win: Geo Puzzle
Status: Available
  ru small   Title: RU Master  
Game to win: RUID Quest
Status: Hidden
  botev small   Title: Botev Conqueror  
Game to win: P. Stream
Status: Hidden
  ruse small   Title: Rousse Master  
Game to win: Ruse Quest
Status: Available
  neighbour small   Title: Neigbour Fan  
Game to win: 3th Floor
Game to win: NG Match
Game to win: ID Match
Status: Hidden
  seeker small   Title: Master Seeker  
Game to win: Eli Seek
Status: Available
  vampire small   Title: Vampire Master  
Game to win: Midnight
Status: Hidden
  Sataias small   Title: Sataias Lord  
Game to win: Sataias
Status: Hidden
  isle small   Title: Isle Lord  
Game to win: Isle Figa
Status: Hidden
  isle 2 small   Title: Isle Lord 2  
Game to win: Isle Batt
Status: Hidden
  logic small   Title: Logic Master  
Game to win: Battle Sym
Status: Hidden
  tactic small   Title: Tactic Master  
Game to win: G.A.Tactics
Status: Hidden
  saf small   Title: SAF Arbiter  
Game to win: SAF Chal.
Status: Hidden
  fossils small   Title: Fossil Master  
Game to win: Fossils
Status: Available
  gamb small   Title: Gambler  
Game to win: Fun Rotative
Status: Hidden
  school small   Title: School Mate  
Game to win: School Day
Status: Hidden
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math hex
bone master
Ruse master
RU Master
Fossils Master
Botev Conqueror
MAster Seeker
Sol Master
SAF Arbiter
Isle Lord
Neighbour Fan
Vampire Master
Isle Lord 2
Logic Master
Sataias Ruler
Tactic Master
School Mate