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Computer games types - online picture test.

"True Gamer" is a free online knowledge level game about the Video Game Genres.
Guess the type of the game. If you are to be a true gamer, you should know at least one game title of every computer game genre and type.
A small picture test for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be played in the web browser.
The IT Knowledge Board include 48 pictures of game titles to play with.
Part of the Interactive Computer Tools educational tests.

This fun education class may answer some of the following questions:
  • What are the basic computer game genres?
  • What are the basic game types?
  • Which are the most famous video games?
  • What game type is Diablo 3 game?
  • How many computer game types and genres are there?
  • Where to find tests with video games?
  • What game type is Cultures 2 video game?
  • What game type is Unreal Tournament video game?
  • Is Civilization a turn based strategy game?
  • What does RPG means?
  • What does TBS means?
  • What does RTS means?
  • What does TD means?
  • What does MMORPG means?
  • What does MOBA means?
True Gamer Picture

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How to play True Gamer.

The subject of the game is to solve an IT test by clicking one of the four pictures in the bottom of the screen. In the upper part of the screen there are some hint pictures and the task is in the bottom middle. Some questions have more than one answer and there are jokers to help solving the mystery.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know at least one PC Game Title for every game genre/type.
If you are to be a true gamer, at least one title must be familiar in every genre.
Winning the test rewards +1 Knowledge Level.
The download version(bottom of the page) include an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only.
Here is a gameplay movie on YouTube.

True Gamer Screenshot

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Class subject: Computer games.

To be a true gamer does not mean to be the best gamer, or a computer zombie. It is a matter of experioence, knowledge and adventure spirit. To be a gamer is not such bad think, it's like being a fan of books or movies. For a regular person, the computer is useful for Communication like internet, Creativity like writing, drawing, singimg and Leisure like playing games, watching movies and listening to music. People admire at games, as they admire at movies and music. So knowing the game types and game genres is knowing about any other art.

1. The test begin with the most popular type of games among the teenagers, the action games. These are the games most people call FPS - First Person shooters, or just Shooters. As almost every game have some shooting in it, on Planeta 42, they are refered as Action games. Beside, there is a joker showing one Action game picture. And you need to select one of the four pictures of games, at the bottom as Action game too. First game in the most left is Cultures. It is sim builder, so it is not the correct answer. Next to it is the Half - Life game. It became popular in 2000 and is yet played widely in multiplayer games. It is definately an action game. Next to it, there is the Unreal tournament game. It is another FPS action game played widely. The last for picture is of Railroad Tycoon 3 game. At it title syggest, it is not much of an action game.

2. The next question is about MOBA games. MOBA, or Massive Online Battle Arenas became popular after World of Warcraft game, according to our research. They are played online only with other people and the game usually take place on one map and lasst 30-40 minutes.

3. To be continued.

Included game types in this test are:
Action games, MOBA, Tower Defense, Action-Adventure, Adventure, RPG, Action RPG, MMORPG, CMS (Tycoons), SIM, RTS, RTT, TBT and TBS.

Game titles included in the test are:
Cultures, Half Life, Unreal Tournament, Railroad Tycoon 3, Fallout Tactics, UFO Afterlight, Ligue of Legends, Freelancer, Alpha Centaury, Unstopable Gorg, Kingdom Rush, Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, Panzer Corps, The Longest Journey, Indiana Jones, Simon the Sorcerer, Icewind Dale, Dungeon Siege, Need for Speed, Diablo 3, Wakfu, World of Warcraft, Tropico 3, GTR 2, Wesnoth, Warlords 3, Warcraft 3, Majesty 2, Commandos, Silent Storm, Age of Wanders 2.

Call of Duty, Dota 2, Field Runners, Tomb Rider, Syberia 2, Baldur's Gate 2, Torchlight, Everquest 2, Master of Atlantis, Sims 2, Euro Truck 2, Starcraft 2, UFO Aftermath, Jagged Alliance 2 and Civilization 4. Play to see pictures, try your knowledge or learn new things.

Rise of Nations
Diablo 3
Rise of Nations
Diablo 3

Pictures compiled from popular graphics found on the Internet. Game icons here.

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