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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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What may happen to Earth in 700 years?

"Sataias: Back to Earth" is a free online space strategy game to colonize planets, construct buildings, collect resources, research tecnologies, build a fleet, explore the star system and find a way to go back to Earth in 700 years to find out what may human become. The game has most of all standard turn based strategy elements.

Sataias: Back to Earth Picture

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How to play Sataias: Back to Earth.

The game begins on the star system view, where there are 5 colonizable planets. There are 6 types of resources and every planet have an increased yield of one of them, so choosing first planet is crucial. Inside a planet view, there is a small red button under its name to colonize, if there is at least one colony ship in the fleet. In the star system view there are 9 tecnologies, which will unlock building new structures on the planets for more resources and ships to explore the near space. When you build your first colony, click "End Turn" button to make the time pass, and collect the resources, like every TBS game. Under the End Turn button there are two more buttons. Going "Out Sataias" require some specific buildings, the Crystal Gates to be constructed on the planets. Somewhere there is the technology to construct the final building and go to Sol. Also out of the system, there are some free resources, special places to be searched by the Tracers ships and some unknown hostile fleets. When engaging the hostile fleets make sure you have more Sentinels, than their Fighters, and more fighters than their sentinels. In simple words the fighter ship is the damage modifier and the Sentinel ships are the hit points modifier. So you have to remain with at least one hit point to win a fight.

Sataias: Back to Earth Screenshot 2

The planet view is where you construct buildings and ships for resources and exploration. First of all you will need more population, for a new colony ship, and the building for this is relatively cheap. Also a starport will be required to build the colony ship. Then all the remaining buildings will become important at some point so prioritizing it is a hard logic task, having in mind you have only 700 years to achieve the game goal. The planet shield may save the colony from a random event that may appear on some of the game turns, or you will have to make it again. The factory building produce more steel. The Laboratory gives more science per turn to get all building designs faster. Next is the crystal mine. Crystals are needed for ship's engines and steel is needed for ships hull. The government building produces more money. Building it on every planet is at most importance, as everything needs money to be produced. Then is the Compressor, which generates more energy. The next construction is the Crystal gate and only planet Messa can construct the final building: the Launcher.

Sataias: Back to Earth Screenshot

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Application Content:

In the year 2018, the Sol system is aproached by enormous source of unknown energy that have begun to obsolete all magnetic based technologies. A Bulgarian scientist, in a top secret laboratory in Ruse city, have managed to design a colony ship with improved ultra powerful gravity drives, that is ment to reach the lately discovered Worm Hole 3 parsec further the last known planet Sedna. Now the ship have appeared in the unknown Sataias system, and you are to find out what have happened to Earth! That will be possible only until 2750 year, before the worm hole twist up and dissapear. Sataias is a fictional star system and is not related to any star system models developed today, which we should have done.

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