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Find the Hardware File Structure and Types Fun Operating Systems    
Find the Hadware
Cross the main
board and collect
the hardware.
File Structure
Shoot the moving files with the right extension.
Fun OS
Move with arrow keys. Most popular operating systems.
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Interactive Computer Tools - IT Arcade Games.

The IT arcade games are small flash applications, up to 2 MB, which are mostly reflex games. Usually the player control one object with arrow keys or the mouse, and shoot, or collect, other objects with the space bar key. Every arcade game is suitable for one or more IT grades, as well as for fun exploration of computer popular science. The interaction may keep the interest of the player, while the concepts ot these games include useful, educational or practical knowledge studied at schools or learned by tries. The IT arcade games may also be used to fill, help or implement lessons of Information Technology school subject.

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Information Technology Screen

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