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Computer Topics Tree Computer Mouse Types Computer Navigation 50 Social Networks Fun Algorithm Diagram
Computer Tree
What computers do? 18 fun topics about computers.
Mouse Types
Give every cat a mouse. Fun mosaic IT game.
PC Navigation
Computer environment. 20 fun computer topics.
Social Networks
How I learned 50 famous social network websites.
Fun algorithm diagram and forms
in a puzzle.
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Popular Programming Languages Information Tree File Types Tree Hotkeys Tree Programming Base Tree
Prog. Languages
18 most popular programming languages.
Information Tree
What information include. Sort the pieces by color.
File Types Tree
What file extension means. Sort the puzzle by color.
Hotkeys Tree
18 useful hotkeys, everyone should know.
Programming Tree
The basis of computer programming.
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Interactive Computer Tools - IT Fun Mosaics.

The IT fun mosaics are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which include stylized pictographs, about interesting and useful computer topics, notions, concepts and information technology sub-disciplines. There are usually 18 - 20 round icons, which must be arranged in colorful trees and diagrams, like a puzzle or simple mosaic. Every mosaic game is suitable for one or more grades, as well as for fun exploration of the computer. Also, most of the tree mosaic games have a cumulative online test, which include an educational question, about every tree topic.

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Mosaics Information Technology Screen

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