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Computer Navigation Computer Navigation Test Connect Peripheral Recognize Hardware Windows History
PC Navigation
Computer environment. 20 fun computer topics.
Navigation Test
Computer Navigation Test - IT 9 grade evaluation.
Expert Computers
What if You need to connect your peripheral devices?
Master Hardware
The difficult part
is the computer
Windows History
How I learned Windows OS by years.
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Units of Information Puzzle Computer Case Puzzle File Structure and Types Computer Topics Tree Popular Programming Languages
IT Measures
A colorful puzzle of basic units of data
or information.
Computer Case
Sort the 40 rotating squares puzzle of
PC tower case.
File Structure
Shoot the moving files with the right extension.
Computer Tree
What computers do? 18 fun topics about computers.
Prog. Languages
18 most popular programming languages.
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Interactive Computer Tools - IT Ninth Grade.

The IT Ninth Grade games include all small flash applications - games, mosaics, tests and puzzles, from the Interactive Computer Tools, which may include useful and interesting knowledge, studied during the 9th grade school educational course in Informational Technology subject. Small fun educational applications about computers, internet, peripheral devices, hardware and software.

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Information Technology Screen

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