Information Technology Games

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Recognize Hardware Connect Hardware 50 Social Networks Master Gamer Software Programs
Master Hardware
The difficult part
is the computer
Expert Hardware
Every hardware is plugged in the
main board.
Social Networks
How I learned 50 famous social network websites.
True Gamer
Computer game types. Study video games and genres.
Master Software
Do you know, what the software
is used for?
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Computer Navigation Hotkeys Test Computer Parts Puzzle File Types Tree File Types Test
PC Navigation
Computer environment. 20 fun computer topics.
Hotkeys Test
18 questions online test for keyboard combinations.
Computer Puzzle
Simple fun computer anatomy. computer structure game.
File Types Tree
What file extension means. Sort the puzzle by color.
File Types Test
18 question online test on file extensions.
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Interactive Computer Tools - IT Tenth Grade.

The IT Tenth Grade games include all small flash applications - games, mosaics, tests and puzzles, from the Interactive Computer Tools, which may include useful and interesting knowledge, studied during the 10th grade school educational course in Informational Technology subject. Small fun educational applications about computers, internet, peripheral devices, system structure, hardware and software.

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Information Technology Screen

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