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Recognize Hardware Connect Hardware Database Puzzle The IT Crowd Game Software Programs
Master Hardware
The difficult part
is the computer
Expert Hardware
Every hardware is plugged in the
main board.
Database Puzzle
Place the database elements in the correct table.
IT Crowd Game
Select one of 3 characters and fix
the computers.
Master Software
Do you know, what the software
is used for?
Computer Navigation Hotkeys Test Screen Resolution Puzzle File Types Tree File Types Test
PC Navigation
Computer environment. 20 fun computer topics.
Hotkeys Test
18 questions online test for keyboard combinations.
Resolution Puzzle
Sort the resolutions on the correct aspect ratio vectors.
File Types Tree
What file extension means. Sort the puzzle by color.
File Types Test
18 question online test on file extensions.

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Fun Online IT Games for Students Collection.

The IT for Students games include all small flash applications - games, mosaics, tests and puzzles, from the Interactive Computer Tools, which may include useful and interesting knowledge, studied during the 10th grade school educational course in Informational Technology subject. Small fun educational applications about computers, internet, peripheral devices, system structure, hardware and software. Interactive Online Classes. Interactive Computer Science learning Tools for Tenth Grade and above. Fun Information Technology Games for Students Collection.

All IT Games for 10 grade (23):

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Computer Parts Puzzle
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Information Technology for Sudents

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