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Hotkeys Test File Types Test Computer Navigation Test Information Test Programming Base Test
Hotkeys Test
18 questions online test for keyboard combinations.
File Types Test
18 questions online test about file extensions.
Navigation Test
Computer Navigation Test - IT 9 grade evaluation.
Information Test
Small online test about types of information.
Program Test
Basic concepts
in the computer programming.
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Computer Usage Test Numeral Systems Test      
Usage Test
Computer Usage Test - IT 8 grade evaluation.
Numeral Systems
Which number
belong to which numeral system?
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Interactive Computer Tools - IT Online Tests.

The IT online tests are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which may be used for evaluation and engaging classes and lessons for Information Technology studies. They are played online in the web browser without any registration. They are usualy cumulative with one of the fun mosaics, folowing their topics, with a 3 answer questions. Every online test is suitable for one or more IT grade, as the school plans may cover the same knowledge for different grades in different countries. These test will save you a lot of paper printing and give you reday school mark when the test is completed.

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