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Computer Case Puzzle Modern Computer Case Puzzle 8 Bit Computer Case Puzzle HDD Puzzle RAM Puzzle
Computer Case
Sort the 40 rotating squares puzzle of
PC tower case.
Modern PC Case
Arrange 40 rotating squares puzzle of
modern PC case.
8 Bit PC Case
Align 40 rotating squares puzzle of
8 bit PC case.
HDD Puzzle
Sort the picture with the Hard Disc
RAM Puzzle
Sort the picture with the Random-access memory.
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Computer Parts Puzzle Units of Information Puzzle      
Computer Puzzle
Simple fun computer anatomy. computer structure game.
Data Measures
A colorful puzzle of basic units of
or information.
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Interactive Computer Tools - IT Puzzles.

The IT puzzles are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which include photos, collages and diagrams about some computer parts, or field of IT studies. They are some square rotating puzzles, easy to arrange and comfortable to control. All puzzles include 40 pieces to play with. Also some colorful drag and drop puzzles.

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