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Computer Basis Peripheral Devices Storage Devices Connect Peripheral Recognize Hardware
IT Apprentice
Some basic things
to know for the computer.
Master Computers
Do you know the computer parts - peripheral devices?
Adept Computers
Storage devices and connecting mouse and keyboard.
Expert Computers
What if You need to connect your peripheral devices?
Master Hardware
The difficult part
is the computer
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Connect Hardware Software Programs Master Gamer Windows History  
Expert Hardware
Every hardware is plugged in the
main board.
Master Software
Do you know, what the software
is used for?
True Gamer
Computer game types. Study video games and genres.
Windows History
How I learned Windows OS by years.
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Interactive Computer Tools - IT Picture Tests.

The IT picture tests are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which include a medium size picture or photo for every answer from the test. There are usually 8 to 15 questions, with integrated evaluation system. Every test is suitable for one or more grades, as well as for fun exploration of the computer.

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