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Or you can download the game and play offline.

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Interactive Chromosome Structure.

"Chromosome Puzzle" is a small knowledge level game to sort the parts of the chromosome structure. Biology exercise to study the DNA molecule with the genetic material of eukaryotic organism. Interactive chromosome structure, function and composition diagram. Fun educational game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game. Cell game. Online Biology worksheet. Fun homework. Interactive biology exercise for 11 grade.

This biology class game include the following chromosome parts:
  • Chromatid - one of the two identical parts of the chromosome.
  • Short arm - p arm short arm structure in the upper part of the chromosome.
  • Centromere - the point where the two chromatids touch.
  • Long arm - q arm long arm structure in the lower part of the chromosome.
  • DNA strand - the chromosome is basically consist of millions of DNA strands.
  • Telomere - a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration or from fusion with neighboring chromosomes.
Chromosome Puzzle Educational Game

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How to play Chromosome Puzzle

There are 6 parts of the chromosome at the top of the screen. Drag and drop them in the correct place on the chromosome structure diagram. Finish the chromosome structure and composition to win the game. Test your knowledge on this topic with the tries counter.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know the chromosome structure and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

Chromosome Puzzle Screenshot

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Class subject: Chromosome.

The chromosomes of a cell are in the cell nucleus. They carry the genetic information. Chromosomes are made up of DNA and protein combined as chromatin. Each chromosome contains many genes. Chromosomes come in pairs: one set from the mother; the other set from the father. Cytologists label chromosomes with numbers. Chromosomes are present in every cell nucleus with very few and special exceptions. This means they are found in all eukaryotes, since only eukaryotes have cell nuclei. When eukaryote cells divide, the chromosomes also divide.

When a body cell (such as a muscle cell) divides, the process is called mitosis. Before mitosis, the cell copies all the chromosomes and then it can divide. When they duplicate, chromosomes look like the letter "X". When they are doubled, the two halves are called chromatids. The chromatids are joined at the centromere.

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