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18 questions from every biological discipline for 6 - 10 grade online test with direct evaluation.

The "General Biology High School Test" is a free online knowledge level test, about the subjects of Biology Science, which include one question from every 18 major fields of study of biology. A small 18 steps interactive test for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be solved online and recieve a school mark. The test is part of the Interactive Biological Laboratory educational tools and include integrated evaluation system. It is cumulative with the Biology Tree Puzzle.

This fun biology test may be used in:
  • 6 - 9 grade biology classes for evaluation lessons.
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How to play Biology High School Test

The questions uppear under the current round icon. Read them carefully and select one of three answers in white letters. Only one answer per question can be correct.

Knowledge Achievements:
Achieve basic biology competence.
Difficulty: High.
Solving the test with good mark rewards +1 Knowledge Level on Planeta 42 world.

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Class subject: The study of Biology knowledge evaluation.

Here are all the questions in the general biology test, with their possible answers. Solve the test online to see which answers are correct and recieve a school mark and new knowledge level.

1. Anatomy - How many bones does the wrist has?

- 12;

- 8;

- 4.

2. Physiology - Which organ is part of the respiratory system?

- Heart;

- Liver;

- Lungs.

3. Neurobiology - Which cell is native to the nervous system?

- Adipocytes;

- rythrocytes;

- Neurons.

4. Endocrinology - Which is the primary female sex hormone?

- Androgen;

- Estrogen;

- Progestogen.

5. Genetics - Which combination of chromosome will give a baby boy?

- XX;

- XY;

- YY.

6. Biochemistry - Which is a biomolecule.

- Steroid;

- Myocyte;

- Protein.

7. Biophysics - Which of the folowing is related to biophysics?

- Plant growth;

- Human emotion;

- None of the above.

8. Medicine - Penicillin is extracded from:

- Herbs;

- Trees;

- Moulds.

9. Immunology - A vaccine typically contains:

- Large amounts of disease-causing microorganism;

- Small amounts of disease-causing microorganism;

- Healing substance.

10. Cell biology - Which of the following is not an organelle?

- Lysosome;

- Vacuole;

- Lipid.

11. Microbiology - An eukaryote is any organism whose cells:

- have cell nucleus and other organelles enclosed within membranes;

- lacks cell nucleus and other organelles enclosed within membranes;

- have cell nucleus and other organelles enclosed within Cell wall.

12. Botany is the study of:

- Animals;

- Plants;

- Fungi.

13. Zoology is the study of:

- Animals;

- Plants;

- Fungi.

14. Mycology is the study of:

- Animals;

- Plants;

- Fungi.

15. Paleontology is the scientific study of life that existed prior to the start of the:

- Holocene Epoch;

- Pleistocene Epoch;

- Pliocene Epoch;

16. Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms:

- in the oceans, seas alnd lakes;

- in mountains, hills and valley;

- deep beneath the earth.

17. Evolution Humans came from:

- Dolphins;

- Apes;

- Dinosaurs.

18. Ecology - Environment may be polluted:

- only by human activities;

- only by natural processes;

- by both of the above.

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