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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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30 liquids and objects with different flammability in a fun online physics learning quiz.

"Burn or Quench Quiz" is a small knowledge level game to select which liquid is burning and which extinguish the fire. Physics exercise to explore and study flammability of liquids and objects. Fun educational game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game for physics homework. Online physics educational game. Fun physics quiz.

This physics class game include the following objects:
  • 1. Whisky Y
  • 2. Gasoline Y
  • 3. Water N
  • 4. Beer N
  • 5. Tequila Y
  • 6. Rum Y
  • 7. Wine N
  • 8. Pepsi N
  • 9. Vodka Y
  • 10. Paper Y
  • 11. Plastic Y
  • 12. Bleach N
  • 13. Peach Juice N
  • 14. Wood Y
  • 15. Coin N
  • 16. Glass N
  • 17. Kevlar N
  • 18. Ceramics N
  • 19. Cloth Y
  • 20. Polystyrene Y
  • 21. Oil Paint Y
  • 22. Milk N
  • 23. Vinegar N
  • 24. Olive oil Y
  • 25. Toluene Y
  • 26. Soil N
  • 27. Kerosine Y
  • 28. Potassium chloride N
  • 29. Sulfuric acid Y
  • 30. Sodium bicarbonate N
Burn or Quench Physics Quiz

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How to play Burn or Quench Quiz.

A liquid or object will be shown on the screen and you must decide if it burn when placed in fire or if it will extinguish the fire(including objects that are not flammable). At the bottom left is the button for liquids that burn, and at the bottom right is the button for the non-flammable objects and liquids. When selected the liquid will appear at its correct side and it will be framed in green if answered correctly and in red if incorrectly. Define all 30 liquids and objects to win the game.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know at least 10 things that burn or not and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

Burn or Quench Physics Quiz Screenshot

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Class subject: Combustibility and flammability.

A combustible material is something that can burn in air. Flammable materials are combustible materials that ignite easily at ambient temperatures. In other words, a combustible material ignites with some effort and a flammable material catches fire immediately on exposure to flame. The degree of flammability or combustibility in air depends largely upon the volatility of the material - this is related to its composition-specific vapour pressure, which is temperature dependent.

This fun physics quiz may answer the following questions:
  • Is Oil Paint flammable?
  • Is Kevlar flammable?
  • Which liquids are flammable?
  • What can extinguish a fire?
  • Is alcohol flammable?
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