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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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Interactive Conditional Equations.

3 fun conditional equations in a short online math educational game. "Math StarCraft" is a small online game to find the correct answer of the conditional task, using values from StarCraft game. Math exercise to practice math conditional equations. Fun educational game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game. Cool math games.

This math class include the following conditional tasks:
  • How many times each Hydralisk have to shoot to destroy the command center?
  • For how many seconds the Hive will fall?
  • For how many seconds the Nexus will fall?
All StarCraft images belong to Blizzard.

Math StarCraft Picture

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How to play Math StarCraft.

The conditions of the task are written on the top of the screen. The picture show the visualisation of the values, so the unit with the value is excluded from the equation. When you are ready enter the correct value in the imput field and press Enter to go to the next conditional tasks. Solve all 3 tasks to win the game.

Knowledge Achievements:
Master popular conditional equations and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Hard.

Math StarCraft Screenshot

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Class subject: Math conditional tasks.

Conditional equations may be boring and confusing, but not so much, when they are represented with our favorite computer game, for this cool math game it is StarCraft 1 :) Here are the tasks and how to solve them:

5 Hydralisks are attacking a Terran command center. Hydralisks shots make 11 damage each and the command center has 1500 hit points. How many times each Hydralisk have to shoot to destroy the command center? Answer: Multiply the Hydralisks damage 5x11 = 55. Divide the hit points of the CC to the damage 1500/55 =27.27. But if all Hydralisks shoot 27 times the overall damage will be 1485, So at least one Hydralisks must shoot 28 times, which is the correct answer.

7 Dragoons are attacking a Zerg Hive. Dragoon shots make 21 damage per second and the Hive has 2500 hit points. For how many seconds the Hive will fall? Answer: All dragoons make 147 damage per second 7x21. Divide the hit points of the Hive 2500 to 147 to find how many seconds it takes to destroy the Hive = 17.

3 Siege Tanks are attacking a Protoss Nexus. Siege Tanks shots make 32 damage per 2 seconds and the Protoss shields regenerates with 2 points per second. For how many seconds the Nexus will fall? Answer: First we will find for how long the Nexus will stay without shield regeneration with standard equation, 3x32=96. 750+750=1500 all structure of the Nexus. 1500/96=15.6 rounded 16. For 16 seconds the Nexus regenerats 32 hit points, so at least one siege tank must fire again on the next second, thus the Nexus will fall in 17 seconds.

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