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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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12 zodiac influence on personality
in a fun online psychology clss game.

"Zodiac Traits" is a free online knowledge level game about the zodiac traits. Sort the zodiac by seasons and see good and bad traits. A short flash game puzzle for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be played in the web browser. The Psychology Knowledge Board include 12 fun zodiac pictures to play with. It is part of the Interactive Mind Studies educational tools.

This fun education class may answer some of the following questions:
  • Which are the zodiac symbols?
  • Where do zodiacs appear on the clendar?
  • What date define the tropical zodiac?
  • When are the Ares born?
  • When are the Leo born?
  • What good traits do Scorpio have?
  • What bad traits do Scorpio have?
  • What good traits do Pisces have?
  • What bad traits do Pisces have?
  • What are the zodiac traits of Aquarius?
  • What are the zodiac traits of Virgo?
  • How many zodiac signs are there?
Zodiac Traits Picture

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How to play Zodiac Traits.

Drag and drop the zodiac icons in the seasonal calendar. There are 12 zodiac pictures on the top of the screen. Place them in the corresponding zodiac sign in the center. When placed, the zodiacs will give information for some good and some bad traits, believed to have effect on the people. The icons will remain active until placed correctly.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know the zodiac symbols, names and some traits they define.
Winning the game rewards +1 Knowledge Level.
The download version(bottom of the page) include an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only.

Zodiac Traits Screenshot

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Class subject: Zodiac.

As stated in other classes, astrology itself is connected with astronomy, but giving traits to humans is pretty much psychology. Here we look at the zodiac influence on the personality of humans according to their zodiac sign.

1. Aries 21 March – 20 April.
Good Traits: Adventurous and energetic. Dynamic and quick-witted.
Bad Traits: Selfish and quick-tempered. Impulsive and impatient.

2. Taurus - 21 April – 21 May
Good Traits: Patient and reliable. Persistent and determined.
Bad Traits: Jealous and possessive. Resentful and inflexible.

3. Gemini - 22 May – 21 June
Good Traits: Adaptable and versatile. Communicative and witty.
Bad Traits: Nervous and tense. Superficial and inconsistent.

4. Cancer - 22 June – 22 July
Good Traits: Emotional and loving. Intuitive and imaginative.
Bad Traits: Changeable and moody. Overemotional and touchy.

5. Leo - 23 July – 22 August
Good Traits: Generous and warmhearted. Creative and enthusiastic.
Bad Traits: Bossy and interfering. Dogmatic and intolerant.

6. Virgo - 23 August – 23 September
Good Traits: Practical and diligent. Intelligent and analytical.
Bad Traits: Overcritical and harsh. Perfectionist and conservative.

7. Libra - 24 September – 23 October
Good Traits: Romantic and charming. Idealistic and peaceable.
Bad Traits: Indecisive and changeable. Flirtatious and self-indulgent.

8. Scorpio - 24 October – 22 November
Good Traits: Emotional and intuitive. Powerful and passionate.
Bad Traits: Compulsive and obsessive. Secretive and obstinate.

9. Sagittarius - 23 November – 21 December
Good Traits: Optimistic and freedom-loving. Honest and straightforward.
Bad Traits: Irresponsible and superficial. Tactless and restless.

10. Capricorn - 22 December – 20 January
Good Traits: Practical and prudent. Ambitious and disciplined.
Bad Traits: Pessimistic and fatalistic. Miserly and grudging.

11. Aquarius - 21 January – 19 February
Good Traits: Friendly and humanitarian. Honest and loyal.
Bad Traits: Intractable and contrary. Unemotional and detached.

12. Pisces - 20 February – 20 March
Good Traits: Imaginative and sensitive. Compassionate and kind.
Bad Traits: Secretive and idealistic. Weak-willed and easily led.

Included in the game zodiac pictures:

Aries icon
Taurus icon
Gemini icon
Cancer icon
Leo icon
Virgo icon
Libra icon
Scorpio icon
Sagittarius icon
Capricorn icon

Aquarius icon
Pisces icon

Icons compiled from various internet resources

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