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Play Parts of Speech Race Online

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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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Interactive Parts of Speech.

"Parts of Speech Race" is a small knowledge level game to select the correct class of a given word to accelerate the car and finish the race first. Interactive desktop exercise to explore and study 6 word examples for the 8 basic parts of speech. Fun educational language game, suitable for online lessons, interactive classes and amusing homeworks. Interactive English learning. Parts of Speech practice worksheet. Free online game.

This grammar class game include the following words for 8 parts of speech:
  • Nouns - House Plane Time Number Student Forest
  • Pronouns - She They This You Where When
  • Verbs - Fall Run Climb Write Learn Jump
  • Adverbs - Yesterday Never Quickly Here There Rarely
  • Adjectives - Green Lovely Silly Yellow Funny Fast
  • Prepositions - In On Within Through From Under
  • Conjunctions - And But Or So Since Yet
  • Interjection - Yeah Meow Alas Hurray Yippee 30 crazy scientists!
Interactive Parts of Speech

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How to play Parts of Speech Race.

There are the 8 buttons for the parts of speech center-down of the screen. They are in different colors. The left blue car is the player and the red right car is the computer opponent. Top center is where the words will apper. Define them correctly by clicking the part of cpeech button. This will accelerate your car. The rival car reaches the finish for two minutes. For a new knowledge level you need to reach the finish line first.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know examples of 8 main parts of speech and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Moderate.

Parts of Speech Race Fun Educational Game

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Class subject: Parts of Speech.

This exercise is to memorize some example words for the parts of speech and have some fun.

This fun grammar game may answer the following questions:
  • Which are the 8 parts of speech?
  • What are examples for the 8 parts of speech?
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