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Interactive timeline map of the Russo-Turkish war 1877–1878.

"Russo Turkish War 1877–1878" is a small knowledge level game, to take part in the historical progression of the Russo Turkish War of 1877–1878. Fun educational game about the key battles during the second war between Russian and Ottoman empires. Interactive Russo Turkish wars maps. History learning game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be played in the web browser. Minute to win it game. History maps game.

This fun history class game include the following dates:
  • 09 July 1875 Herzegovina Rebellion.
  • 20 April 1876 April Uprising.
  • 30 June 1876 Serbia Independence.
  • 12 April 1877 Battles near Ungheni.
  • 12 May 1877 Romania Independence.
  • 20 May 1877 Battles near Kars.
  • 28 June 1877. Russian crossing of the Danube river.
  • 16 July 1877 Battle of Nikopol.
  • 02 October 1877 Battle for Ruse Ivanovo-Chiflik.
  • 10 December 1877 Siege of Pleven.
  • 09 January 1878 Battle of Shipka Pass.
  • 16 January 1878 Battle of Plovdiv.
  • 03 March 1878 San Stefano Treaty.
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Russo Turkish War 1877–1878 Picture

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How to play Russo Turkish War 1877–1878.

The main picture shows the simple map and date of Eastern Europe (Balkans) territory and the two major players: Russian Empire and Ottoman Empire. There are also three arrows with possible movement to one important battle from Russo Turkish War for the current date. When you inspect the battle outcome, you will see exact name of the battle and soldier statistics. Be sure that the troops to the left(attackers) are more than the opposing troops to the right and then click the fight button. A short battle result will decide if you continue to the next key battle or not.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know at least 3 battles from the Russo-Turkish War and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.
Gameplay movie on YouTube.

Russo Turkish War 1877–1878 Screenshot

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Class subject: Napoleonic Wars/Battles.

This small fun game will guide you in the course of Russo Turkish War of 1877–1878, beginning with the first major event during 1875 - the Herzegovina Uprising. On 24 April 1877 Russia declared war on the Ottomans and its troops entered Romania through the newly built Eiffel Bridge near Ungheni. On 03 March 1878 the war ended with the Treaty of San Stefano. Here are some key battles and events during the Russo Turkish War:

1. 09 July 1875 Herzegovina Rebellion mark the beginning of unrest in the region.
2. 20 April 1876 April Uprising have been quelled by the Ottomans.
3. 30 June 1876 Serbia Independence and atrocities on the Balkans.
4. 12 April 1877 Battles near Ungheni - Russia declare war on Ottomans.
5. 12 May 1877 Romania Independence. Russian troops march through Romania.
6. 20 May 1877 Battles near Kars. Diversion attacks to the eastern front.
7. 28 June 1877. Russian crossing of the Danube river defeating the superrrior Ottoman fleet.
8. 16 July 1877 Battle of Nikopol. Key position and Dunabe port taken.
9. 02 October 1877 Battle for Ruse Ivanovo-Chiflik. Skirmish attacks near Ruse.
10. 10 December 1877 Siege of Pleven with many casualties for the Russians.
11. 09 January 1878 Battle of Shipka Pass. After series of four battles the Shipka pass is finally taken.
12. 16 January 1878 Battle of Plovdiv. With the fall of Plovdiv Russian troops advanced to Constantinople, making western powers angry and signing the San Stefano Treaty, which ended the war.

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