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One theoretical day as a student in RU.
Interactive map.

Take part as a student in University of Ruse and visit some classes from Engineering Design speciality. Explore in which buildings were held classes in various subjects in 2004. This adventure will lead You through Ruse University. You will take part as a student and visit some lessons from one of the most exciting speciality in the campus - the Engineering Design. In general, there are the locations of the main buildings and what lessons took part there. But hanging around this lovely place is not only matter of knowledge, so make sure You have the Fun and the Anergy to stand the day. The summary of the three characteristics will determine the final results.

Ruse University picture

How to play Ruse University.

The subject of the game is to complete one school day in the Ruse University, without the Energy or Fun to fall below 0. Move to different locations by clicking the arrows in the main photo picture. Under it, there is the current class that must be visited. It also inform for the location of the class and the theoretical time the lesson begins. The theoretical clock (TC) is shown in the upper left. Some locations allow increasing the Fun and Energy, by chatting with colleagues, and drinking coffee options. Travelling between locations subtract Energy, and taking lessons subtract Fun. Make sure to have a lot of Fun and Energy. For example go to building 16, where the first lesson takes place and chat to increase the Fun while the time is exactly when the class begins. The most free time is before the first class, so look around and drink some coffee firs to supply energy.

Application Content:

Included locations in this game are:
Building 16, Building 8, Building 1, Building 6/7 and Ruby Cafe(not existing enymore).

Pictures and photos from Planeta 42 team.

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