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7 steps to prepare online fish soup with a fun cooking game.

"Fish Soup" is a free online knowledge level game to try and cook a fish soup on the computer. Prepare a splendit fish soup in fun 7 steps and achieve +1 Cooking Knowledge Level.
Interactive cooking recipe for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be played in the web browser. This cooking game include over 220 possible fish soup combinations and outcomes, some of them not very edible. Part of the Interactive Culinary Recipes cooking tools.

This cooking class game include the following preparation stages:
  • Choose product
  • Choose Container
  • Broth Preparation
  • Vegetables Selection
  • Spice Selection
  • Choose Oven
  • Setting up
Fish Soup Picture

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How to play Fish Soup.

Make a virtual fish soup in 7 stages by selecting the ingredients. In the first stage you must choose the quantity and the state of the main product - the fish. There are 4 possible choices, select one and click it. Then going on the next stage there are another four possible ingredients and so on. The delicious level will show how well the dish is prepared. To the left is the full recipe selected ingredients and preparations.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know the basic steps and ingredients to prepare a fish soup and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

Fish Soup Screenshot

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Class subject: Cook a Fish Soup.

Here are all the stages and possible selections in the game. The best choices are marked with "+":

1. Choose product
- 2 same fishes.
- 2 different fishes.
- Fish heads.
+ Clean fish pieces.

2. Choose Container
+ Use ordinary saucepan.
- Use a wide pan.
- Use a glass dish.
- Use a pressure pot.

3. Broth Preparation.
- Boil in salt water for 5 min.
- Boil in salt water for 40 min.
+ Boil in salt water for 20 min.
- Boil in salt water for 60 min.

4. Vegetables Selection.
+ Carrots + Onion.
- walnuts + mushrooms.
- cucumber + tomatoes.
- Radish + rice.

5. Spice Selection
- Add Savory.
- Add Parsley.
+ Add Lovage.
- Add Spearmint.

6. Choose Oven.
- Boil on the grill.
- Boil on campfire.
- Boil in the oven.
+ Boil on a hob.

7. Setting up.
- Add table salt.
+ Add lemon juice.
- Add red peper.
- Add olives.

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