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Olympic Sports Puzzle Game Electronic Sport Trophies Puzzle Game Sport Types Tree Game Muscle Workouts Puzzle Game English Words for Sports
Olympic Sports
Sort the olympic sports on the
correct picture.
E-Sport Trophies
Place the trophy on the corresponding tournament.
Sports Tree
Drag and drop the types of sports on
tree of knowledge.
Muscle Workouts
Sort the workout exercise in the muscle group.
English Sports
Learning game with 49 english
words of sports.
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Sports Puzzle Game        
Sports Puzzle
Sort the equipment on the correct sportist.
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Free online puzzles about sports.

The sport puzzles are small flash games, up to 1 MB, which include interesting knowledge about sports, types of sports and sport rules, using pictures, collages and diagrams about the sports. The pieces of the puzzles are made like movable objects, which must be fit in their correct sporting places. Solving the sport puzzles increase the knowledge level. Sport learning puzzles. Online learning games. Free online educational puzzles about sports. Fun Sport Puzzles Collection.

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Online Sport Puzzles

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