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Starcraft 2 Screen Puzzle Majesty 2 Screen Puzzle UFO: Afterlight Screen Puzzle Stellaris Screen Puzzle Craft the World Screen Puzzle
Starcraft 2
The greatest of all real time strategy games.
Majesty 2
Exciting fantasy sim with a lot of heroes and fun.
UFO: Afterlight
The most awesome Mars colonization real time tactic.
Have you ever dreamed of ruling
a galaxy?
Craft the World
One of the greatest sandbox strategy games.
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Warcraft 3 Screen Puzzle Warlords Battlecry 3 Screen Puzzle      
Warcraft 3
Exciting fantasy RTS game with 3 major expansions.
Warlords BC 3
Interactive game preview of an amazing RTS game.
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Awesome Real Time Strategy Games to play today.

Game preview puzzles for RTS games.

Real Time Strategy Game is a computer games type, sometimes refered as computer game genre. The players often explore hidden maps of fantasy lands or distant space, to secure strategic resources, cities or colonies simultaneously. This mean all players move at the same time, giving faster pace on the game and less time for thinking. There are pause buttons of course. This category is the place for all available RTS game screen puzzles. Here will appear the colossus titles of Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 games. Like all other p42 puzzles, they are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, about some of the most awesome strategy games, played in real time. The game review needs a little interaction, to sort all pieces of a screenshot from the game. The online puzzles may be useful too. They include reference and basic data. All puzzles can be played online in a web browser. They will run on common computers, tablet and laptops, with installed flash player on it. This is a fun way to learn about some good real time strategy games. What real time strategy game to play next? Fun Real Time Strategy Games Review Collection.

All RTS screen puzzles (6):

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Starcraft 2 Preview Puzzle
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Real Time Strategy Games Puzzles

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