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Age of Wonders 2 Screen Puzzle Heroes of Might and Magic 4 Screen Puzzle Master of Magic Screen Puzzle Eador: Genesis Screen Puzzle Majesty 2 Screen Puzzle
Age of Wonders 2
The most wonderful turn based fantasy strategy game.
Heroes 4
Screen puzzle of the Ice Demon prerequirements.
Master of Magic
Interactive game preview of all fantasy tbs games ancestor.
Eador: Genesis
The longest fantasy turn based strategy game ever.
Majesty 2
Exciting fantasy sim with a lot of heroes and fun.
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Fantasy General Screen Puzzle Warcraft 3 Screen Puzzle Elven Legacy Screen Puzzle Craft the World Screen Puzzle Warlock: Master of the Arcane Screen Puzzle
Fantasy General
The eternal hex turn based strategy fantasy game.
Warcraft 3
Exciting fantasy RTS game with 3 major expansions.
Elven Legacy
Fun puzzle of a great fantasy hext strategy game.
Craft the World
One of the greatest sandbox strategy games.
Warlock: MA
Fun game review of the beast traits in the game.
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Amazing Fantasy Games to play today.

Game preview puzzles for fantasy genre.

This collection includes all screen puzzles with reviews about video games in the fantasy genre, about magics and wonders. Interactive video game previews for great games played in fantasy worlds. Fantasy games reviews. What awesome fantasy games to play. Fun Screen Puzzles Previews of Fantasy Games Genre.

All fantasy games screen puzzles (18):

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Warlords Battlecry 3 Preview Puzzle
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Fantasy Games Puzzles

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