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Interactive World Deserts.

"World Deserts Puzzle" is a small knowledge level game to place the deserts on the world map. Fun geography exercise to study the names and locations of 20 largest subtropical and cold winter deserts in the world. Geography educational game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game. Minute to win it game.

This fun geography class game include the following deserts by total area:
  • 1. Sahara Desert - Subtropical - 9,200,000 km2. Northern Africa
  • 2. Australian Desert - Subtropical - 2,700,000 km2. Australasia
  • 3. Arabian Desert - Subtropical - 2,330,000 km2. Western Asia
  • 4. Gobi Desert - Cold winter - 1,295,000 km2. Eastern Asia
  • 5. Kalahari Desert - Subtropical - 900,000 km2. Southern Africa
  • 6. Patagonian Desert - Cold winter - 259,847 km2. South America
  • 7. Syrian Desert - Subtropical - 500,000 km2. Western Asia
  • 8. Great Basin - Cold winter - 492,098 km2. Northern America
  • 9. Chihuahuan Desert - Subtropical - 453,248 km2. North America
  • 10. Karakum Desert - Cold winter - 350,000 km2. Central Asia
  • 11. Sonoran Desert - Subtropical - 310,000 km2. Northern America
  • 12. Kyzylkum Desert - Cold winter - 300,000 km2. Central Asia
  • 13. Taklamakan Desert - Cold winter - 270,000 km2. Eastern Asia
  • 14. Ogaden Desert - Subtropical - 256,000 km2. Eastern Africa
  • 15. Thar Desert - Subtropical - 200,000 km2. Southern Asia
  • 16. Namib Desert - Cool coastal - 160,000 km2. Southern Africa
  • 17. Dasht-e Margo - Subtropical - 150,000 km2. Southern Asia
  • 18. Atacama Desert - Mild coastal - 140,000 km2. South America
  • 19. Mojave Desert - Subtropical - 124,000 km2. Northern America
  • 20. Chalbi Desert - Subtropical - 100,000 km2. Eastern Africa
Program code by Ogo Bob
Source: Wikipedia

World Deserts Puzzle

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How to play World Deserts Puzzle.

Every puzzle piece represent one of 20 largest deserts in the world. They are located at the top of the screen. Drag and drop the deserts on their correct location on the world map at the bottom of the screen. Smaller number is the larger desert.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know at least 5 deserts and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Easy.

World Deserts Puzzle Free Online Game

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Class subject: Deserts.

A desert is a barren area of landscape where little precipitation occurs and, consequently, living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life. The lack of vegetation exposes the unprotected surface of the ground to the processes of denudation. About one-third of the land surface of the world is arid or semi-arid. This includes much of the polar regions, where little precipitation occurs, and which are sometimes called polar deserts or "cold deserts". Deserts can be classified by the amount of precipitation that falls, by the temperature that prevails, by the causes of desertification or by their geographical location.

Deserts are formed by weathering processes as large variations in temperature between day and night put strains on the rocks, which consequently break in pieces. Although rain seldom occurs in deserts, there are occasional downpours that can result in flash floods.

This geography learning game may answer the following questions:
  • What are the 5 biggest deserts on Earth?
  • What are the 10 largest deserts in the world?
  • Which is bigger Gobi or Sahara?
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