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Planeta 42 contributors.

Ogiwon - Creative Explorer. High School Teacher. Programmer. Game Guru.

Valka - High School Teacher. Explorer. Tester.

Greta - Librarian. Tester.

Vesko - Graphic Designer. Tester.

Gale - Artist. Photography. Tester.

Spec - Hardware Support. Tester.

Nik - Journalist. Photography. Tester.

Gabi - Photography. Tester.

Eli - Photography. Tester.

Lili - Photography. Tester.

The ultimate goal of the team is to collect wide range of interesting or useful knowledge and create a small online game with this knowledge. We do not pretend our games to be absolutely accurate. They are made for fun education and playing with the knowledge to inspire curiosity and thinking. Many of the games are made directly over a topic from Wikipedia. Planeta42 and Gamemorph games are enthusiastic university project supported by advertisement and donations.

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Planeta 42 Concept

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The Planet of Knowledge: Planeta 42 (Gamemorph) - P42 Games.

Planeta42.com is a free educational and recreational gaming site operating since 2014. It is the source of the unique Gamemorph games, which are short puzzles, quizze and arcades that increase Knowledge Level. The games may be used to study and explore interesting and useful information, about science and nature. They are also easy to use in classes as teacher's tools, interactive lessons, learning exercises and fun homeworks. The site and the games are made for accessible fun education and knowledge inspiration. It is free and no registration is required. The knowledge levels remains untill browser reinstallation. All games are short applications without installation, that runs on average desktop computers, laptops, tablets and some mobile devices.

Planeta 42 is the official publisher of Gamemorph Games

The games are mostly designed in two languages, to reach more people;

- include pictures and animations, which attract the focus;

- emphasis on interaction, which tickle the mind;

- can be used as manuals or reference, which is useful for elders;

- can be used for valuation and lessons, which can help in Education;

- include knowledge, in a fun engaging way;

- do not take much time to play;

- do not need super computers;

- do not need installation or registration, and they are free to play online or download.
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