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How I deal with stress on my mobile phone.

"Anti Stress" is a free online knowledge game to fight the stress in a fun way, designed to fit a mobile device screen.
It is a fun arcade flash game, suitable for mobile phones, which can run swf files.
Descktop Version.
Gather some positive emotions while moving toward on the screen. Every emotion will give +1 weapon load for the corresponding weapon. But the loads must be saved for the boss in the end of the stage. When we manage to gather as much good emotions like, Relax, Freedom, Carefree and Hope, we reach the Stress Monster, which will fire at us bad emotions, like Hate, Despair and Apathy. While avoiding the negative emotion, we use all rounds to fire on the monster. Fire with space bar on clicking on the ship's hull. When the health bar of the stress monster become zero, we win!
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