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Planeta 42 - The planet of fun knowledge. Handy Web Games.
Play and get smarter.

Planeta 42 is an imaginary planet, where real knowledge is obtained, through gaming. Why is it a planet? Because planets are places to gather people. It may as well be room 42, club 42 or house 42. Also the planets may have satellites, or moons. For planeta 42, every major knowledge subject is situated on a different moon. Why is it 42? Because we believe the "The answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything" is the knowledge. The dinosaurs have lived millions of years and they probably never have asked that question to themselves. And that is, probably because they knew nothing. Why is it PlanetA? It is a fun reference for more languages.

How was Planeta 42 formed. We have long thaught, what is the best place for our fun educational games.
It wouldn't be a warehouse, where gadgets are just stored, nor marketplace, where items are bargined. It wouldn't be a gallery, where only observed, nor it be a school, only for learning. We decided it would be a planet! A planet may be visited for all those pupuses above, and yet do not distract the visitor from his/her personal adventure of exploration. It is just an imaginary planet. It stays there in the vitual world of internet, hiding interesting knowledge and lore.

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Planeta 42 contributors. We love games, science, leisure and knowledge .

Ogo - Creative Explorer. Game Developer. Hhigh school teacher in IT. Game Guru. Tester.

Gecho - Analytic Explorer. Librarian. Tester.

Vesko - Creative Explorer. Graphic Designer. Tester.

Lin - Game Explorer. Hardware Support. Tester.

Nik - Analytic Explorer. Journalist.Photography. Tester.

Gabi - Explorer. Photography. Tester.

Eli - Explorer. Photography. Tester.

Lily - Explorer. Tester.

The ultimate goal of the team is to collect wide range of interesting or useful knowledge and create a small online game with this knowledge. We do not pretend our games to be absolutely accurate. They are made for fun education and playing with the knowledge and may deviate or add to the real data. 

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