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8 social questions to define your gameplay. Fun psychology online test.

"Freedom in Society" is a free online knowledge level test about fitting in social events. It's a short class test for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be played in the web browser. The Psychology Knowledge Board include 8 fun questions to define an RPG character. It is part of the Interactive Mind Studies educational tools.

This fun education class may answer some of the following questions:
  • How I deal in society?
  • How I deal with ethics?
  • What character to play in MMO games ?
  • What is my best suited role in MMO games party?
  • Am I really free?
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How to play Freedom in Society.

This is a simple test application. After pressing the start button a dark scene with a lamp will appear. Pressing the lamp switch on button, it will ligth a scene from the everyday social life. Under the scene there are 3 buttons to approve, abstain or disapprove the scene. Choose one and do it for the rest of the situations.

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Class subject: Freedom in society.

There is no absolute freedom as long as we live in society. A real freedom can have a ranger, living in the dense woods over the unreachable hills. According to Planeta 42 researchers, the level of freedom is equal to the amount of restrictions a person handle without effort. But in computer games ethics and social norms are not mandatory. Yet playing multiplayer games there are yet ethics and norms. With this test we define the 3 basic role in a multiplayer game party.

The test is consist of 8 scenes. Every scene may be approved, disapproved or abstained. At the end we gat approximate probability for one of 3 roles - Fighter, Ranger and Healer.

1. Fighter's role. Fighters face the danger at the front line with rage and fury. They care about the team more than themselves, and depend on the team to survive. In society fighters are intolerant and agressive in the name of the values they protect.

2. Ranger's role. Rangers work on the second line with tricks and wit. The bow is often called the weapon of trickery. Rangers do not have much regards for other members of the group, and find them as "fortunate or unfortunate event". They focus on the danger to ensure their safety first, thus that of the party. In society rangers are outsiders and may easily switch sides for their best interest.

3. Healer's role. Healers work on the third line with care and mind. They have the most important tas to ensure the safety of the team. Healers do not focus as much on the danger, rather than the party itself - its well-being and ability to stand against the danger. Healers are social persons with respect to the others.

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