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Interactive Metric Units.

"Metric Units Puzzle" is a small knowledge level game to match the metric units with the correct physical phenomena. Physics exercise to explore and study derived units in the metric system of electromagnetic and mechanical quantities. Fun educational game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game for physics homework. Online physics educational game. Fun physics puzzle.

This physics class game include the following units and quantities:
  • units of electromagnetic quantities:
  • Ampere, a unit of electric current
  • Volt, a unit of electrical potential
  • Ohm, a unit of electrical resistance
  • Tesla, a unit of magnetic flux density
  • Weber, a unit of magnetic flux
  • Farad, a unit of electrical capacitance
  • Henry, a unit of electrical inductance
  • Siemens, a unit of electrical conductance (the inverse of ohm)
  • Coulomb, a unit of electrical charge
  • units of mechanical quantities:
  • Watt, a unit of mechanical or electrical power
  • Newton, a unit of mechanical force
  • Joule, a unit of mechanical, electrical or thermodynamic energy
  • Pascal, a unit of pressure
  • Hertz, a unit of friquency cycles per second (inverse of second)
Interactive Metric Units

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How to play Metric Units Puzzle.

There are 14 metric units marked with their SI symbol left of the screen. Drag and drop them on the correct spot of electromagnetic and mechanical quantities right on the screen. Make it for less than 15 tries for a good school mark.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know some metric units and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Hard.

Metric Units Quantities

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Class subject: Metric Units.

Metric units are units based on the metre, gram or second and decimal (power of ten) multiples or sub-multiples of these. The most widely used examples are the units of the International System of Units (SI). By extension they include units of electromagnetism from the CGS and SI units systems, and other units for which use of SI prefixes has become the norm.

This fun physics game may answer the following questions:
  • What are the most common metric units?
  • What we measure with metric units?
  • Which are the units of electromagnetic quantities?
  • Which are the units of mechanical quantities?
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