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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the test and play offline.

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18 questions of your grammar skills for 5 - 7 grade online test with direct evaluation.

"Grammar Test" is a free online knowledge level test, about basic grammatical rules of the English language. A small 18 steps interactive test for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be solved online and recieve a school mark. The test is part of the InteractiveLanguage Learning educational tools and include integrated evaluation system. It is cumulative with the Grammar Tree Game.

Grammar Test Picture

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How to play Grammar Test.

The questions uppear under the current round icon. Read them carefully and select one of three answers in white letters. Only one answer per question can be correct.

Knowledge Achievements:
Achieve basic grammar competence.
Difficulty: High.
Solving the test with good mark rewards +1 Knowledge Level.

Grammar Test Screenshot

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Test subject: English grammar.

Here is the test in plain text, so you can copy and paste it om white sheet and make it printable.

1. Which of the words is a Noun?

A) Bird.

B) Walk.

C) Green.

2. Which of the words is a Pronoun?

A) Her.

B) Under.

C) Wear.

3. Which of the words is a Personal Pronoun?

A) Run.

B) He.

C) Over.

4. Which of the words is an Adjective?

A) Drive.

B) Chair.

C) Big.

5. Which of the words is a Verb?

A) Mine.

B) Play.

C) Computer.

6. Which of the words is an Adverb?

A) Hopefully.

B) Hope.

C) Unstoppable.

7. Which of the words is a Preposition?

A) Rolling.

B) Beautiful.

C) Under.

8. Which is a Morpheme?

A) "-ing".

B) "-ang".

C) "-ung".

9. Which is a Prefix?

A) "en-".

B) "un-".

C) "ing-".

10. Which is a Suffix?

A) "un-".

B) "on-".

C) "-able".

11. Which word is in the correct Plural form?

A) Gear.

B) Gears.

C) Geares.

12. Which sentence is a question?

A) You made it!

B) You will make it.

C) Did you make it?

13. Which sentence is an exclamation?

A) You made it!

B) You will make it.

C) Did you make it?

14. How you spell the word:

A) Concsience.

B) Consciense.

C) Conscience.

15. What is the fifteen letter of the English alphabet?

A) C.

B) O.

C) R.

16. What is the opposite of the word Bad?

A) Worst.

B) Good.

C) Best.

17. Choose the grammatically correct Sentence:

A) I school to go.

B) I go to school.

C) Go to school I.

18. Which of the sentences is in future tense?

A) I play games.

B) I was playing games.

C) I'm going to play games.

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