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Online test over 6 grade Computer Technology curriculum.

"6 IT Curriculum Test" is a free online knowledge level test for finishing Information Technology 6 grade course. The online test include 18 questions with integrated evaluation system from 6 grade IT curriculum: Units of Information, Operating Systems, File Structure, Page Formatting, Image File Formats, Access to Internet and more. Computers learning test, suitable for online classes and interactive lessons. Free online test. The tests created on Planet 42 are not difficult, and the goal is to solidify knowledge. The tests are practiced until the student has a grade above B. The questions of the test are to the topics of the annual thematic distribution in 6th grade Information Technology.

This IT class test include the following questions and answers:
  • 1. Which of the following is a property of information:
    - Brightness
    + Credibility
    - Liquidity

  • 2. What equals 1 megabyte?
    - 1000 kilobytes
    - 1024 bytes
    + 1024 kilobytes

  • 3. How much are 9 terabytes?
    - 3428 gigabytes
    + 9216 gigabytes
    - 21000 megabytes

  • 4. What is the main function of the operating system?
    + Manage hardware and software resources
    - Show pictures and icons to the user.
    - Format disk drives.

  • 5. Which of the following is true in OS? (no archives)
    - Folders cannot contain files.
    - The files contain folders.
    + The folders contain files.

  • 6. Which of the following files is a text format?
    - text.jpg
    - text.ppt
    + text.txt

  • 7. Which of the following is a storage device?
    + Hard Drive
    - Monitor
    - Processor

  • 8. The shortcut key to save text is:
    - Ctrl + f
    - Ctrl + c
    + Ctrl + s

  • 9. Images may be inserted into text by:
    + Menu> Insert> Picture
    - Menu> Edit> Picture
    - Menu> File> Picture

  • 10. The shortcut key for text search is:
    - Ctrl + c
    + Ctrl + f
    - Ctrl + s

  • 11. We can view the page before printing from:
    - Menu> Edit> Print preview
    - Menu> View> Print preview
    + Menu> File> Print Preview

  • 12. Which of the following files is an image?
    - image.doc
    - image.exe
    + image.bmp

  • 13. Which of the peripherals is used to scan an image:
    - Printer
    - Router
    + Scanner

  • 14. What size is a photo taken with a 24 megapixel camera? (MPx)
    + 6000x4000 pixels
    - 1280x1024 pixels
    - 24x24 pixels

  • 15. Which of the following is an image property?
    - FPS
    + Contrast
    - Actuality

  • 16. Which of the following is an animated image?
    - animation.dll
    - animation.jpg
    + animation.gif

  • 17. Which of the following devices is needed to connect to the Internet?
    + Router
    - Facebook
    - Weber

  • 18. What is the name used to introduce ourselves on the Internet?
    + Nickname
    - Realname
    - Account

  • To use this test in plain text without the answers, press "Ctrl + H" and replace all "+" with "-".
6 IT Curriculum Test

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How to solve 6 IT Curriculum Test.

Read carefully the question and select one of three answers at the bottom of the screen. The selected answer is the framed one. The school mark begins to count from lowest grade, so do not panic when you see a poor mark. Make the test over and over again until you get A or B mark for new knowledge level.

Knowledge Achievements:
Achieve basic IT 6 grade and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

6 IT Curriculum Test Screenshot

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Class Subject: IT 6 Grade Curriculum.

Although most countries have different curriculums, according to their educational system, some of the topics are naturaly learned till 6 grade everywhere. Here is how part of a typical Information Technology Curriculum for 6 grade looks like in European Union countries for 2020:

Topic 1. Information - definition, properties, types and data carriers.
Topic 2. Information units - bytes, megabytes, terabytes.
Topic 3. Operating systems - function, types, user interface, control panel.
Topic 4. File structure and data organization - programs for file browsing, files and folders.
Theme 5. Types of file formats - text, documents, graphics, presentations, video, sound, archive.
Topic 6. Data carriers- diskette, disk, flash memory.

Topic 7. Entering and Editing Text - Change language, edit and format text, save text.
Topic 8. Inserting and formatting graphic images.
Topic 9. Finding and replacing text - why it is useful, shortcuts.
Topic 10. Page Formatting and Printing - Sheet Orientation, Text Box Size, Page Numbering.

Topic 11. Basic image file formats - .gif .jpg .bmp
Topic 12. Image scanning - scanning hardware, scanning software, dpi.
Topic 13. Digital Photography - Resolution.
Theme 14. Image Properties - Contrast, Brightness, Dimensions,
Theme 15. Animated images - essence, formats.

Topic 16. Basic ways to access the Internet - modem, router, access, username, password.
Topic 17. Internet communication - real-time chat, profile, nickname, account.
Topic 18. Copyright on the Internet - attribution, no derivative works, share alike, non-commercial

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