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18 general questions from world history in a fun
6 - 9 grade online test with direct evaluation.

The "General History Test" is a free online knowledge level test, about the subjects of History Science.
This test include 18 fun questions from different history subject, to determine an overall base level of history competences.
A small 18 steps interactive test for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be solved online and recieve a school mark.
The test is part of the Interactive History Monuments educational tools and include integrated evaluation system.
It is cumulative with the History Tree Game.

This fun history test may be used in:
  • 6 - 9 grade history classes for evaluation lessons.
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How to play General History Test.

The questions appear under the current round icon. Read them carefully and select one of three answers in white letters. Only one answer per question can be correct. Some questions have more than 1 correct answer.

Knowledge Achievements:
Achieve basic history competence.
Difficulty: High.
Solving the test with good mark rewards +1 Knowledge Level on Planeta 42 world.
Download version(bottom of the page) include an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only.

General History Test Screenshot

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Class subject: General History.

Here are all the questions in the general history test, with their possible answers. Solve the test online to see which answers are correct and recieve a school mark and new knowledge level.

1. Which of the folowing is releted to history study?

- Gravity.

- Chronology.

- Mitosis.

2. Which of the folowing is releted to history study?

- Genealogy.

- Gastronomy.

- Genetics.

3. Which of the folowing is history discipline?

- Logic.

- Rhetorics.

- Archaeology.

4. Which of the folowing is releted to history study?

- Diplomatics.

- Numismatics.

- Philately.

5. When was the wheel invented?

- Stone Age.

- Bronze Age.

- Iron Age.

6. Notable migration waves in 2015-2017 are:

- Asia to Africa.

- Middle East to Europe.

- America to Mexico.

7. Which of the following impacts world history?

- Dicovery of internet.

- Local conflict.

- Currency inflation.

8. Which of the followin is studied by regional history?

- Inventors.

- Uprisings.

- World wars.

9. When have World War 2 ended?

- 1939.

- 1945.

- 1955.

10. When did the Black Tuesday Wall Street Crash happen in America?

- 2000.

- 1929.

- 1987.

11. Who of the following is an artist?

- Dio Cassius.

- Michelangelo.

- William Shakespeare.

12. Who of the following is a musician?

- Stephen King.

- William Shakespeare.

- Ludwig van Beethoven.

13. Which of the following is the newest found religion?

- Buddhism.

- Hinduism.

- Christianity.

14. Who of the following is a scientist?

- Mary Cassatt.

- Elvis Presley.

- Albert Einstein.

15. Who of the following is a president?

- Angela Merkel.

- Donald Trump.

- Boiko Borisov.

16. Who of the following is an inventor?

- Stephen King

- Leonardo da Vinci

- Rembrandt

17. Which of the following is an ancient world wonder?

- The Eiffel Tower.

- The Great China Wall.

- The World of Warcraft computer game.

18. Who of the following is a historian?

- Rembrandt.

- Herodotus.

- Virginia Woolf.

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