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Europe Puzzle 2019
Earth Atmosphere Puzzle
Interior Earth Structure
World Map Puzzle
Pangaea Puzzle
Solstice and Equinox
Cloud Types Puzzle
Time Zones Puzzle
The Highest Peaks Puzzle
European Animals Puzzle
Animals of North America
South America Animals
Australian Animals Puzzle
African Animals Puzzle
Animals of Asia Puzzle
North America Puzzle
South America Puzzle
Asia Puzzle
Africa Puzzle
Europe Puzzle
Biome Puzzle
Geography Tree
USA regions
United Kingdom Puzzle
Germany Puzzle
Canada Puzzle
Australia Puzzle
British Isles Puzzle
Oil Production
Diamond Production
Coal Production
Gold Production
Copper Production
Pine Forest Puzzle
Geography Tree Test
South America capitals
Capitals of North America
European Capitals
Flags of South America
World Fauna Map Explorer
World Flora Map Explorer
Soil Composition Puzzle
Oceania Puzzle
Antarctica Puzzle
Gondwana Puzzle
Laurasia Puzzle
Continents Drift Order
Russia Map Explorer
China Puzzle
Spain Puzzle
India Puzzle
France Puzzle
Brazil Puzzle
Aluminium Finder
Uranium Resource Finder
Silver Resource Map
Iron Ore Resource Map
Tin Resource Map
Tobacco Crop Map
Cotton Crop Map
Sugar Crop Map
Africa Biomes Puzzle
Europe Biomes Puzzle
Asia Biomes Puzzle
North America Biomes
South America Biomes
Australian Biomes Puzzle
Biome Chart Puzzle
Earth Structure Test
Cardinal Direction Puzzle
Atlantic Hurricanes
USA Puzzle
Bulgaria Puzzle
Population by Country Puzzle
Terrestrial Biomes Puzzle
Tectonic Plates Quiz
Tectonic Plates Puzzle
Africa Capitals Puzzle
Asia Capitals Puzzle
United Arab Emirates Puzzle
Saudi Arabia Puzzle
Flags of North America Quiz
Africa Flags Quiz
Asia Flags Quiz
European Flags Quiz
Flat Earth Puzzle
World Oceans Puzzle
World Seas Puzzle
World Lakes  Puzzle
World Rivers Puzzle
World Straits Puzzle
World Waterfalls Puzzle
Mountain Ranges Puzzle
Active Volcanoes Puzzle
World Deserts Puzzle
Australian Deserts Puzzle
Metropolitan Regions Puzzle
Philippines Puzzle
Netherlands Puzzle
Colombia Puzzle
Mexico Puzzle
Interactive Map of the World Potato Production

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Free online games about geography Preview.

Geography games to explore and study the world mobile preview. More than 100 online games, related to different geographical subjects, that may be used for fun, interactive education. The geography knowledge games are small online games, up to 1 - 2 MB, which include continent puzzles to sort the countries and state puzzles for national regions and provinces. Natural resource games to find where rarest resources appear on the world map. Fill the empty slots interactive diagrams and more. Variety of geographical studies, like continents, countries, provinces, capitals, resources, flora, fauna, structures and topology are made in a fun interactive way. The geography learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. Free online geography classroom for kids and students. Fun geography educational games, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Short knowledge games for geography.

All geography games (102):

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P42 Interactive Geography Lessons.

P42 Interactive Geography Lessons

The "Interactive Geography Lessons" is a free educational website that can be used for examination, new knowledge, reference and entertainment in geography lessons. Each lesson is a small game and all games can be played online in a web browser for free and without registration. They work on mid-range computers, tablets and laptops. Like all Planeta 42 games, when completed, the geography games reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. The collectible geography (download versions) goes with a built-in player, but the levels are not stored on the site. Free online games, tests and puzzles for general geography online.

The geography games are separated in 25 categories according to the game type, the knowledge type, the grade level and the subject type as following:
  • Africa Games - This collection includes a list of all games to explore Africa continent.
  • Asia Games - This collection includes all games to study the continent of Asia.
  • Europe Games - This collection includes all games to learn countries and properties of Europe.
  • North America Games - This collection present an interactive way to explore North America continent.
  • South America Games - This collection present an interactive way to study South America continent.
  • Australia Games - This collection includes all games about australia and oceania.
  • Geography Puzzles - This collection includes all games, which are related to puzzles or similar drag and drop objects.
  • Geography Mosaics - This collection includes apps that need to fill the empty socket objects and interesting geographical knowledge in a fun interactive way.
  • Tile Games -Collection of games where the player need to reveal or find secret objects. In general, countries which are too big to fit for puzzle game will go in this category, like the game about the USA states.
  • Continent Puzzles - This collection includes exciting online puzzles for the 5 major continents and their countries - names, geographical positions and flags.
  • Country Puzzles - This collection includes games to sort the states and administrative regions of a given country.
  • Resource Games - This collection includes games to explore and study ore maps, natural and mineral resources production by the country. They are inspired by all those cool geography maps, where the kids learn where a given resource is found.
  • World Games - This collection includes all geography learning games about the world divisions of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, islands, mountains, resources, biomes, flora and fauna.
  • Geography Diagrams - This is the category, where we try to find an interesting visual diagrams and make them interactive.
  • Biome Games - This collection includes standard 40x40 square rotating puzzles with picture of some geographical location or region.
  • Geography Tests - This collection includes online tests, which generate a school mark.
  • Geography Games for Kids - This collection including all geography games for kids or the easiest games for 3-6 grade.
  • Geography for 8th Grade - This collection includes all geography games for teens and base geography knowledge suitable for 7-10 grade.
  • Geography Games for Students - This collection includes all geography games for students and elders.
  • Geography Map Games - This collection includes all games played on a regular map.
  • Geography Flag Games - A collection including all games to study country flags.
  • Geography Capital Games - This collection includes small puzzles to position country capitals on the map.
  • Geology Games - This collection includes games about physical Earth.
  • Geography Flora Games - This collection includes fun games with data about animals.
  • Geography Fauna Games - This collection includes fun games with data about plants.
The Interactive Geography Lessons include:
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  • Here is the blog with the Exciting Collection of Geography Games.
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