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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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18 questions from every geographical discipline for 7 - 10 grade online test with direct evaluation.

"Geography Tree Test" is a free online knowledge level test, about the subjects of Geography Science, which include one question from every 18 major fields of study of geography. A small 18 steps interactive test for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be solved online and recieve a school mark. The test is part of the Interactive World Maps educational tools and include integrated evaluation system. It is cumulative with the Geography Tree Game .

Geography Tree Test Picture

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How to play Geography High School Test.

The questions uppear under the current round icon. Read them carefully and select one of three answers in white letters. Only one answer per question can be correct.

Knowledge Achievements:
Achieve basic geography competence.
Difficulty: High.
Solving the test with good mark rewards +1 Knowledge Level on Planeta 42 world.

Geography Tree Test Screenshot

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Test subject: What is the study of geography.

Here are all the questions in the general geography test, with their possible answers. Solve the test online to see which answers are correct and recieve a school mark and new knowledge level.

1. Physical Geography - How many continents are there?
- 9.

- 4.

- 7.

2. Biogeography - Which continent is native to the penguins?
- Asia.

- Antarctica.

- Europe.

3. Geodesy - Which device is used in Geodesy?
- Microscope.

- Carburetor.

- Gyroscope.

4. Hydrology - What is the water coverage of the Earth's surface?
- 71%.

- 94%.

- 68%.

5. Meteorology focus on prediction of:
- Earthquakes.

- Volcanic eruptions.

- Floods.

6. Pedology - Which is not a soil type.
- Peaty soil.

- Sandy soil.

- Groovy soil.

7. Geomorphology - Which is not a Geomorphically relevant process?
- Diffusion processes.

- Aeolian processes.

- Tectonic processes.

8. Human Geography - Which is biggest in size.
- Village.

- Town.

- Metropolis.

9. Cultural geography - Which of the following countries have the smallest number of people?
- Peru

- Ecuador

- Bolivia

10. Economic geography - Which country have the most GDP.
- China

- Bulgaria

- United States

11. Historical geography - Where did first human appear?
- Asia

- America

- Africa

12. Demography - Which country has the most population?
- India.

- China.

- United states.

13. Geopolitics - Which is the best form of government?
- Communism.

- Democracy.

- Monarchy.

14. Tourism geography - Which is not a tourist attraction?
- Statue of Liberty.


- The Eiffel Tower.

15. Regional Geography - What were the Mongolian unique warriors?
- Horse Archers.

- Crossbowmen.

- Sipahi.

16. Geomatics - which is not a GPS coordinate?
- N40 44.9064', W073 59.0735'.

- 40.748440, -73.984559.

- 456 NN219, 795 SS008.

17. Geology - The era that covers the longest span of time is?
- Paleozoic

- Precambrian

- Mesozoic

18. Cartography - Which is the last supercontinent?
- Antarctica.

- Australia.

- Pangaea.

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