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Craft the World Screen Puzzle Age of Wonders 2 Screen Puzzle Diablo 3 Screen Puzzle Civilization 5 Screen Puzzle Dungeon Siege 2 Screen Puzzle
Craft the World
One of the greatest sandbox strategy games.
Age of Wonders 2
The most wonderful turn based fantasy strategy game.
Diablo 3
Popular multiplayer action RPG by Blizzard.
Civilization 5
The next sequence
of the greatest game of all times.
Dungeon Siege 2
Exciting role playing game with real time combats.
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Galactic Civilizations 2 Screen Puzzle World of Warcraft Screen Puzzle Warhammer 40 000: Rites of War Screen Puzzle Space Rangers 2 Screen Puzzle UFO: Afterlight Screen Puzzle
Galactic Civ 2
Another amazing space exploration and colonization.
World of Warcraft
The most exciting massive multiplayer online RPG.
Rites of War
An extraordinary hex strategy, forgotten in the ashes.
Space Rangers 2
A space game combining all game genres and types.
UFO: Afterlight
The most awesome Mars colonization real time tactic.
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Interactive Game Reviews.

Screenshot puzzles to explore and study the history of video games. More than 25 online puzzles about the greatest computer games by types, that may be used to decide what to play next. The game screen puzzles are small online applications, up to 1 MB, which present some of the most awesome games, released through the years. These fun game reviews include reference from some of the most popular games, or not so popular for some, but still worth attention. Interactive video game previews about the greatest computer games for all times. All screen puzzles can be played online in a web browser. They are made like a presentation of the PC game, including the game type, the year of release, the game genre and a screenshot from the game, made by Ogo Bob himself. This is an interesting way to learn about some good PC games. There are a lot of great games out there, and other not so great. But the games in this category should be studied in schools, like we study basketball and voleyball. If you wander what to play next, these are very good titles to try. Fun game reviews. Interactive game Previews. Computer game preview puzzles.

All screen puzzles (36):

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Some of the greatest PC games in a fun online screen puzzles.

P42 Game Reviews

Someone from Planet 42 had this strange idea, that a review about a game, may be actually another game, or just a small fun puzzle. And the knowledge about video games is not to be underestimated. These fun game previews are fast and there is not much for reading, beside some base statistics about the game. The interactive game review may be fun too, as it needs a little interaction, while all pieces of the puzzle are sorted, which represent a screenshot from the game. With this fun puzzles, we also acquire new knowledge, therefore completing every game screen puzzle will also reward +1 Knowledge Level. Find good games by interacting.

The game screen puzzles are separated in 10 categories according to the game type and game genre:
  • Turn Based Strategy - This collection includes fun screen puzzles with the best TBS game titles since 1994.
  • Real Time Strategy - This collection includes fun game preview puzzles with the most exciting RTS game titles since 1998.
  • Simulators - This collection includes online game review puzzles about the most addicting SIM, management and tycoon game titles since 1995.
  • Role Playing Games - This collection includes fun game screen previews about the most amazing RPG titles since 2001.
  • Turn Based Tactic - This collection includes fun game screen reviews about the most awesome TBT game titles since 1996.
  • Real Time Tactic - This collection includes interactive game reviews about the best RTT game titles since 2001.
  • Space Games - This collection includes all screen puzzles with reviews about computer games played in space and cosmos.
  • Futuristic Games - This collection includes all screen puzzles with reviews about computer games played in the near and far future, about aliens and science fiction.
  • Fantasy Games - This collection includes all screen puzzles with reviews about video games in the fantasy genre, about magics and wonders.
  • History Games - This collection includes all screen puzzles with reviews about PC games simulating historical events, worlds and real topics.
The Interactive Game Reviews website include: fun screen puzzles, screenshot puzzles, video game previews, interactive game reviews, what to play today, what to play next, best computer games preview, exciting games to play, game type puzzles, game review puzzles, and more than 25 online puzzles about the greatest computer games by types, that may be used to decide what to play next. Here is the blog with the Best Games Ever.

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Age of Wonders 2 Preview Puzzle
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