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Egg Price by Country 2021
Minimum Salary by Country 2020
Average Salary by Country 2020
Economic Tree
Social Classes Puzzle
Coins Catch
Finances for Kids
The 4 Currencies
Dollar Puzzle
Euro Puzzle
Pound Puzzle
Yen Puzzle
Yuan Puzzle
Ruble Puzzle
Lev Puzzle
Interest Rate Calculator
Dig for Ancient Coins
Coins Match Game
Thracian Treasure
Lentil Coins Illusion
Maslow Pyramid
Math Money

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Free online games about finances.

Economic games to explore and study the finances mobile preview. More than 15 education games to learn finances, related to different economical topics, that may be used for fun, interactive education and examination. The economic knowledge games are small online games, up to 1 MB, which include puzzles, board games, mosaics and arcade games for learning basics of business and finances. Variety of economic subjetcs, like currencies, coins, financial meanings, social states and banknotes knowledge are made in a fun interactive way. The economics learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. Free online economics classroom for kids and students. Fun economic educational games, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes.

All economic games (24):

  • Egg Price Puzzle 2021 - Sort the price of 12 eggs pasckage by country for 2021.
  • Minimum Salary 2020 - Sort the minimum salary by correct country.
  • Average Salary 2020 - Interactive comparison of 10 countries by average wage.
  • Economic Tree - Sort the economics properties on the tree of knowledge.
  • Social Classes Puzzle - Drag and drop the jobs in the correct social-economic class.
  • Coins Catch - Move with arrow keys and catch all US dollar coins.
  • Finances for Kids - Can you reach the last square with no debt and good income?
  • The 4 Currencies - Know the symbols of the four most common currencies.
  • Dollar Puzzle - 40 pieces square rotating puzzle to reveal how the US dollar looks like.
  • Euro Puzzle - Sort the picture with 5, 10 and 20 euro bills for Europe Union.
  • Pound Puzzle - Arrange the squares to reveal how the Great Britain pound bill looks like.
  • Yen Puzzle - Rotate the squares to complete 3 Japanese yen bills back and front.
  • Yuan Puzzle - 5x8 standard square rotating puzzle with the Chinese bills.
  • Ruble Puzzle - Sort the puzzle to reveal how the Russian ruble looks like.
  • Lev Puzzle - Complete the picture to see how the BG lev looks like.
  • Interest Rate Calculator - Calculate interest rate online. Virtual interest rate calculator.
  • Passives - Move with the mouse and avoid loans, mortgages, debts and ignorance, which represent undesirable personal finances, called Passives.
  • Actives - Move with the mouse and get investments, savings, property and knowledge, which represent desirable personal finances, called Actives.
  • Dig for Ancient Coins - Excavate the ruins for old coins.
  • Coins Match Game - Play with ancient coins.
  • Thracian Treasure - Find the treasure of the ancient Thracians.
  • Lentil Coins Illusion - Search for 15 hidden coins among the lentil beans. Optical illusion game.
  • Maslow Pyramid - Study the hierarchy of the human need. What makes you happy?
  • Math Money - What is the sum of the banknotes in the last line of the system equations?
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P42 Interactive Economic Lessons.

P42 Interactive Economic Lessons

The "Interactive Economics Lessons" is a free educational website that can be used for examination, new knowledge, reference and entertainment in economic and finances classes. Each lesson is a small game and all games can be played online in a web browser for free and without registration. They work on mid-range computers, tablets and laptops, with installed flash player. Like all Planeta 42 games, when completed, the economic games reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. The collectible economics (download versions) goes with a built-in player, but the levels are not stored on the site, but on your computer. Let's learn about financial world through interaction. Free online games, tests and puzzles for general economics, business and finances online.

The economic games are separated in 8 categories according to the game type, the knowledge type and the grade level:
  • Economic Puzzles - This collection includes fun economic games to drag and drop pictures about the world of finances.
  • Economic Classroom Games - This collection includes economic learning games suitable for interactive lesson and classroom exercises about economics and finances.
  • Finance Games - This collection includes all fun economic games to learn about actives and passives, and financial discipline.
  • Economic Coin Games - This collection includes fun online economic games about the coins of different currencies.
  • Banknote Puzzles - This collection includes exciting 5x8 pieces puzzles with the banknotes and bills of popular country currency to know about.
  • Economic Board Games - This collection includes online learning economic games played on a board to reach from one end of the board to another and study business and finances.
  • Economic Games for Kids - This collection includes all economic educational games suitable for kids and pupils in 4-8 grade. Interactive Economic Learning for Kids.
  • Economic Games for Students - This collection includes all economic educational games for 9 grade and above, suitable for students and adults. Interactive Economic Learning for Students.
The Interactive Economics Lessons include:
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  • Here is the blog with the Exciting Collection of Economic Games.
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