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"Electronic Game School" is now part of Planeta 42. It is a virtual school, where classes are games, and students are players. By playing games, the pupils get smarter and increase Knowledge Level. For every five levels the player is rewarded with new Rank and Title, recognized by Planeta 42 authority. It is a free educational project, started as a diplom work at University of Ruse by Ogo Bob.
The source of free collectible applications used to study and explore popular knowledge topics.
Official bolg of the project.

How it works:
EGS is a place for education by playing games. There are numbers of games, tests and puzzles, systematised in popular school subjects.
They are fast, fun apps, that are free to play online or Download.
Mastering a game on, the Knowledge Level is increased by +1.
The levels are saved as cookies, so no registration is required.
To make it more mystical, reaching certain levels, the hidden games become active.
And there are 42 fun lore and knowledge ranks to be achieved.

There are many cool pictures and articles describing interesting and useful facts and knowledge.
Our mission is to make them interactive.
They may be used as Interactive Knowledge Boards.

Our games, tests, puzzles, quizzes and riddles:
- are mostly designed on two languages, to reach more people;
- include a lot of pictures and animations, which attract the focus;
- emphasize on interaction, which tickle the mind;
- can be used as manulal or reference, which is useful even for elders;
- can be used for valuation and lessons, which can help in Education;
- does not take much time to play;
- emphasize compatibility, basic technologies used;
- are free to play online and download,

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Power Point presentation of Electronic Game School project(EN)
Knowledge Level Games Presentation Knowledge Level Games 2017 Presentation (EN)
Knowledge Level Games 2016 PDF Knowledge Level Games 2016 PDF (EN)

Project - 4 pages

Publication - Valuation 24.02.2007 (BG)
Publication - Education technology 01.03.2007 (BG)

Report 2008 - Math games 15.05.2008 (EN)

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Electronic Game School
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Play Free Online Knowledge Games. Win and increase Knowledge level. Free online education games.

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