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Happy Halloween Mobile Game

"Happy Halloween!" is a free fast online arcade game, used to celebrate Halloween holiday. It works like online greeting card, that can be sent to a friend. Most of the holiday elements are included in fun engaging way. Winning the game online rewards +1 Lore Level on website and may unlock new ranks and titles for the explorational achievements.
Descktop Version.
There are 4 houses in this lands of Halloween. Every house have a color spot - green, orange, blue and purple. Click on a spot to make the girl visit the house. While there, she will begin to gather candies. The candies are collected in the basket, indicated right of the screen. Meanwhile, a Ghost, a Witch, Jack-o-Lantern and a Bat will
try to reach the girl's basket and steal her candies. Avoid them and collect 20 candies to win the game.
Halloween Ghost pngJack-o-Lantern pngHalloween Witch pngHalloween Bat pngHalloween Girl png
Happy Halloween Game Picture