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Interactive Biosphere Structure.

"Biosphere Puzzle" is a small knowledge level game to sort the parts of the biosphere according to the hierarchical structure of life. Fun educational game to study the hierarchical organization of living matter. Interactive Biosphere Structure. Biology learning game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game. Online Biology worksheet. Fun homework biology exercise for 8 grade.

This biology class game include the following hierarchical structure of life:
  • Individual - bunny, bird, fish
  • Population - bunnies, birds, fishes
  • Phytocenosis - plants community
  • Biocenosis - plants and animals community
  • Ecosystem - plants, animals, sun, water, land
  • Biosphere - All together

    Biosphere Puzzle Educational Game

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How to play Biosphere Puzzle

There are the 3 main parts of the biosphere on the screen (lithosphere - the land, atmosphere - the air and hydrosphere - the water). At the top of the screen there are 9 parts of the living matter divisions, where one of 3 individuals inhabits one of the biosphere main parts. Drag and drop the parts in the circlets in a way they form a correct hierarchical organisation of the biosphere.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know the biosphere structure and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Easy.

Biosphere Puzzle Biology Game Screenshot

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Class subject: Biosphere.

The biosphere, also known as the ecosphere is the worldwide sum of all ecosystems. It can also be termed the zone of life on Earth. The biosphere is virtually a closed system with regards to matter, with minimal inputs and outputs. The biosphere consists of three components: lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. However, not all of them have living things thriving or inhabiting them. The portions where life is found and sustained are the only ones regarded as parts of the biosphere.

Every part of the planet, from the polar ice caps to the equator, features life of some kind. Recent advances in microbiology have demonstrated that microbes live deep beneath the Earth's terrestrial surface, and that the total mass of microbial life in so-called "uninhabitable zones" may, in biomass, exceed all animal and plant life on the surface. The actual thickness of the biosphere on earth is difficult to measure. Birds typically fly at altitudes as high as 1,800 m (1.1 mi) and fish live as much as 8,372 m (5.202 mi) underwater in the Puerto Rico Trench.

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