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Pseudofumaria alba Pansy Puzzle Purple Crocus Cheiranthus Cheiri Hellebore
Short puzzle with
a Pale and Purple Corydalis.
Pansy Viola
Yellow - dark violet pansies in a mosaic puzzle.
Picture puzzle with
the wild purple mountain flower.
Fun puzzle with
the orange yellow Erysimum Cheiri.
Puzzle picture with
the Helleborus odorus plant.
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Aster Puzzle Ornithogalum Puzzle Chinese Rose Puzzle Edelweiss Puzzle  
Purple Aster
Short puzzle with
one of many Aster flowers.
Close picture
puzzle with a white
5 petals flower.
Chinese Rose
China red rose is a popular home grown flower.
Find the edelweiss mountain flower in early spring.
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Know the Nature - Wild Flower Puzzles.

The Wild Flower Puzzles are square rotating mosaics with awesome pictures of a wild flowers. Like all natural puzzels, they are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which may be played online in a web browser, or downloaded from the flowers game page. Another colorful free online games collection. With these fun puzzles, we also acquire new knowledge, therefore completing the game will also reward +1 Knowledge Level. A wonderful collection of wild flower puzzles, free to play online or download.

All wild flower puzzles (10):

  • Morning Glory Puzzle - A flowering plant with bell form, red and white lines on the petals.
  • Chicory Puzzle - A woody, perennial herbaceous plant with with bright blue flower.
  • Snowdrop Puzzle - White bulbous perennial herbaceous plants growing in late winter.
  • Geranium Puzzle - A deep purple 5 petals flowers of garden plant, that grows mostly in Mediterranean regions.
  • Corydalis Puzzle - A wild flowering plant with extended flowers in white and purple color.
  • Pansy Puzzle - Many yellow and dark violet colors of wild pansies.
  • Crocus Puzzle - Woodland, scrub, and meadows flowering plant with purple flowers.
  • Hellebore Puzzle - A wild mountain flower with four petals in pale green and many stamens.
  • Aster Puzzle - A wild flower with thin 15-20 blue petals and a cluster of stamens.
  • Edelweiss Puzzle - A white mountain flower that prefers rocky limestone places at about 1 800–3000 metres altitude .
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