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Transformers Prime Puzzle Green Lantern Puzzle Star Wars: Clone Wars Tangled 2010 Frozen 2013
Transformers: Prime
A nice 4 seasons animated series.
Green Lantern
Animated Series

New heroes,
exciting adventures.
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Exciting stories prior the Galactic Empire.

The funniest story about Rapunzel.

Another cool ani-mation by Disney.
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Wonderful Movie Puzzles Collection. Explore exciting movies and TV sries with fun online puzzles.

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Free online puzzles with animated movies and series.

The movie puzzles are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which meet us with some of the most exciting animated movies and TV series, released through the years. The preview is fast and there is not much for reading, beside some base information about the movie. In a world where time is quite precious, fastness matters. The game review may be fun too, as it needs a little interaction, while all pieces of the puzzle are sorted. The online movie puzzles may be useful too. They will include reference for some of the most popular movies, or not so popular for some, but still worth watching. And without a comprehensive movie preview, if someone have made a game for it, it seems it is worth enough. All puzzles can be played online in a web browser. They will run in most computers, tablet and laptops, with installed flash player on it. This is an interesting way to learn about some good movies and TV series. With this fun movie reviews, we also acquire new knowledge, therefore completing the puzzle will also reward +1 Knowledge Level from Planeta 42 authority. Let's learn about some of the best movies ever, by interacting.

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